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    AsiaFortress Cup 13 Team Division Distribution



    AsiaFortress Cup 13


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    Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrators. They are as follows:

    Division 1

    • eat sleeep game
    • Prinny Pirate Plunderers
    • sapnu puas
    • Anuj Fan Club
    • Muscle revolution reborn
    • Busty Elves Online
    • Quantum Force 5
    • ت

    Division 2

    • A%%
    • Delayed Last Minute
    • No Cheese!
    • Absolute Territory
    • Kawaii 0-5
    • the real asians
    • 31cfa
    • classic washup
    • Game Over
    • chiobu hunters
    • Nokorimon
    • ORCA
    • Hullo

    Division 3

    • Arctic Fire Enable
    • APEX. murni
    • Alphadog
    • The High Road
    • Ogygia
    • Abnormal Sodium
    • Chordus
    • Wrecked Thy Mother
    • Herbal Tea
    • Ayam Penyet United
    • Toucans'
    • Crispy Doughs
    • Mad Science
    • Boss

    Finalized divisions are non-negotiable. The team directory spreadsheet has been updated and the challonge brackets are now available on the key dates and map pool page. Look out for the match threads coming out Sunday!

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