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    AsiaFortress Cup 11: Conclusion



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    Congratulations if you have stayed this long in our league! After a hard fought division 1 grand finals and an even harder fought administrative battle to end this season before 2018, we have laid this season to rest. The winners of each division are as follows, in case you are not aware:
    Division 1
    First Place: Burger Apocalypse
    Second place: bb Tommy
    Third place: p00t1s..iz..kil?1!...
    Division 2
    First Place: The Chess Foundation
    Second Place: Technology Eclipse
    Third Place: The Mighty Gibuses
    Division 3
    First Place: Teme Machines
    Second Place: ChaoTicZ
    Third Place: Technical Difficulties
    Also, we know you are tired of waiting, so the registration for the long awaited AsiaFortress Cup 12 tournament is coming really soon, so stay tuned for the announcements!

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