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    AFC 11: Division 2 Roundup

    Division 2 has always been a strange place; it’s always confused between being the playground for sandbaggers and the training ground for Division 1 hopefuls. However, AFC10 demonstrated the true capacity of this division’s players, hosting the most intense matches of the season between Fruit Salad and Wine N Cheese. While a slightly larger Division 2 means that the teams will be fighting in a Swiss format, everyone hopes the games will be no less exciting!
    That said, let’s review the teams!
    The Mighty Gibuses
    They’re straight out of the jungle: dark-eyed, battle hardened and fly-crazy. They’ve fought tooth and nail to be here, and they aren’t battling to please anyone. The Champions of Division 3, with DeDstar still at the head, are here to make their mark, and though their roster may have changed slightly, their hunger for frags and glory has not lessened. Woe betide any team that underestimates the power of the Mighty Gibuses this season, or they might just pull the rug from your feet and upset YOU.
    Being in the army can be a terrible thing. You’re always bored, tired, bored of being tired or tired of being bored, and the only solace you have is the weekend, where you could still be bored. To find some relief in this terrible time, the weekend team of 2years was formed. With a majority of its players stuck in camp during working days, the team itself hasn’t had much opportunity to practice, but given they’re all experienced players (read “sandbagging”), they’ll definitely give Division 2 a run for its money!
    The Chess Foundation
    If you smell a hint of a stench, it’s probably not rats because this is definitely not badratsgaming.net. No; this is the Chess Foundation, with LERL and mememachine (AKA iFun) leading the charge once more, and neither towering castle nor beautiful queen can stop them on the treacherous road to playoffs/championship! Can this team maneuver their opponents into checkmates with tactical coordination? Can they p(a)wn the competition with the few deathmatch powerhouses at their disposal? Will I think of more chess puns for this writeup? Maybe!
    Maiden Voyage
    An all Japanese team has decided to grace Division 2, and it’s to everyone’s surprise because this hasn’t happened in anyone’s recent memory. On one hand, none on the rostered names have recognised reputations, since most of those are in Division 1. On the other, they have a very big reputation to live up to because of their fellow countrymen in Division 1. So, there really isn’t any pressure for this team to perform at some level. Really...
    Steal Your Job
    The Hong Kong nightriders return for another attempt at snatching the championship! After a third place finish in the previous iteration, the team is back with a fairly similar roster, and renewed vigour to tackle the other newcomers to the division. They have the experience, the DM, and the gimmicks behind them; let’s see if the foreigners can take their opponents’ employment right under their noses!
    Technology Eclipse
    Another team from the denizens of the third division, TechE had their eyes set on retrying the level but got bumped up to let the newbies thrive. Now, it’s up to them to make the best of their situation, and really shake up the competition! They’re no mix team, and with members who’ve been playing with each other for a while, they definitely stand a chance at getting into playoffs - with some hard work.
    ‘Tis the season for purity; an all Korean team has entered the fray alongside their Japanese and Hong Kong contenders! Little is known of this mysterious mix-up, but we do know that they’re from the land of TF2 champions, and that no one should underestimate anyone from the Republic of Korea lest they get pounded! Only the round robin stages will tell if Shufflee are either fearsome contenders or formless fodder in the bloody battle for the Division 2 trophy…
    Formed by girl-gamer Rei a little while before signups began, Aetiology are the cause of some stress for the rest of the contestants. With a roster of relatively strong puggers, the team is spearheaded by the deathmatch monster of Aishou, kept on a leash by the experience of Harvey who’s been playing since AFC6, and supported by the conservative playstyle of dribbler. With a fairly strong lineup on their side, Aetiology could gun for playoffs with confidence; maybe even triumph over the competition for the championship!
    Art et Marte
    The remnants of Division 2 contenders Hairy Ares pulled a shounic (translation: coup d’etat) on their leader mid signups, cutting him out of the picture and opting for Division 3. While Enkaii was loosed to join Division 1, the rest of the team are still dealing with the aftermath, since they were bumped to Division 2 anyway. Quite honestly, their roster isn’t the strongest in Division 2, but a little work and practice on their capable roster should see them giving other teams a little trouble.
    Riding the coattails of the other bumpees is nubsquad, who were unfortunately caught in the crossfire of the division splits. With a roster strong enough to roll the rest of Division 3, the team was moved up and now have to contend with the second-best that Asia has to offer. However, so far nubsquad has proven that they are perfectly capable of contending with other teams like TechE and Aetiology, and should come up on top as long as they have their act together!
    It’s going to be an exciting season with more teams in play, and the competition is heating up with teams regularly scrimming each other when normal humans would be comfortably dreaming of school or homework. Not gamers; Division 2 may not be the ‘best of the best’, but they’re certainly striving to show others what it means to be a tryhard! Go gettem, sophomores of AsiaFortress!


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    AFC 11: Division 1 Roundup


    Division 1 has expanded the most since its all-time low in AFC10, and with a heftier size comes heftier competition. Names and rosters have shuffled, but a few teams pack familiar IGNs, bringing a healthy mix of established cores attempting to retain dominance and rising stars looking to make their mark to the table. Seven teams have readied up to fight for Asia’s most prestigious TF2 badge, and right now the winner is anyone’s guess.
    Burger Apocalypse [bBQ]
    With the Taiwanese combo of Aqua and Choo Choo at the helm, Burger Apocalypse is vying for the championship with cold hard experience, calling in some of the oldest names around in natta and xvo. It remains to be seen whether their collective experience will be worth its weight on the battlefield and whether the team will be able to put their knowledge to good use. However, most of its players have already seen high-level play in each of their respective divisions, so it should be no surprise to anyone that BBQ is fully prepared to take Division 1 by storm.
    Division 1 is not itself without challengers from Korea, and the Republic has not pulled its fingers from AsiaFortress just yet. Featuring a full lineup of natives (plus one Japanese), HBZB was cobbled together by Hwain to contest the throne in the light of the previous season’s winners; for no Singaporean team should be allowed to win Division 1 for more than half a year. With strong returns like Larky, 10 and Shocky, HBZB has the power to take first place, if they put their heart into it.
    BALI 6
    Hailing from the harsh lands of down under comes a big team of big names. After seasons of South East Asians taking dives into Australian play, the indigenous people decided to do the same in return. Sporting a lineup of premier-seasoned players like ohai, v4na, emgee and muppet, these players are no newcomers to high-level play and will prove tough customers for the rest of the division; provided they can overcome the delayed pipes and rockets that come from playing across large oceans.
    bb Tommy
    It’s the old crew that’s been around for countless seasons, but with a thinner roster and heavier heart. With one of its star players departing the team, the old roster of Xiao has had to scramble for new scouts to fill tommy’s not inconsiderable shoes; and with new challengers stepping up to the plate, the reigning champions have their work cut out if they want to maintain their title from AFC10.
    P00t1s..iz..kil?1! [P00tis]
    Led by Aloy, this variable mix team has set its sights on the highest of Asian TF2 honors, and is putting in all the hard work and dedication necessary for it. With a combination of old hands comfortable in Division 1 and new faces fresh off hard-fought victories in Division 2, P00t1s are no slouches, to say nothing of the effort they’re putting in to make the cut for playoffs.
    Muscle Revolution
    AsiaFortress has been missing a Japanese team since their disappointing fourth place finish in MC7, and perhaps Muscle Revolution can rectify this past shame. A mix of old and new, it’s definitely not the strongest lineup Japan has ever had. However, one hopes that the intuitive competitive spirit found in every Japanese pub will carry over into these players’ performances, and drive them to stir up trouble for all the other teams scrabbling for the top.
    A Motley Crew [AMC]
    Rounding out the list is a name that’s entirely used to competition. AMC has contended for every cup it possibly could in the last four seasons, and this one is no exception. Whilst finishing third (out of four teams) in Division 1 previously, AMC has the full capacity to perform much better if they step up their game. With a roster that’s been locked for practically two seasons, the team has to know each other’s ins and outs, which should give them the edge against up and comers.
    AFC11 is seeing Division 1 get back on track, with more teams vying for the championship and more players aiming to become Asia’s best. In the light of this surge of competitive spirit, the viewers and spectators can look forward to a good show for the next three months. May the best team win!
    Hello, all participants of AsiaFortress Cup 11! 
    The first match threads will be going up very soon, and the AsiaFortress administration would like to brief you on some changes we have made to the tournament's structure and rules.
    Division 2 Format Changes
    Due to the overwhelming number of Division 2 teams, a Round Robin is not feasible. Therefore, we have switched to a Swiss-style format, over the course of 7 weeks to match the number of weeks for Division 1 and Division 3 teams.
    Teams will be ranked first by map wins, then by round wins and finally by rounds won minus rounds lost.
    Division 1 Format Changes
    On the other hand, due to the increased number of players in Division 1, teams will play the Round Robin sequence once only with a team on bye-week each week.

    As with Division 2 and 3, Division 1 teams will also be ranked first by map wins, then by round wins and finally by rounds won minus rounds lost.

    Whitelist Changes
    Administrators from ozfortress, ESEA, ETF2L and UGC as well as top players from each region have collaborated together to review the Global Whitelist. After the first public meeting, there was a proposal for controversial changes and this was met with harsh backlash from the international community.
    The administrators from ozfortress, ETF2L and ESEA met together and collated feedback from the top teams in their respective regions and adjusted the whitelist based on the discussion.
    • Rescue Ranger
    • Pomson 6000
    • Dalokohs Bar
    You can view the whitelist here. All changes should be reflected in AsiaFortress servers, and the whitelist can be downloaded in the AFC 11 Config+Map Pack.
    Cast Requests
    a Cast Request thread has been created for community members to request permission for a cast.
    This will allow us to help promote your casts on platforms such as our Steam group and Facebook page. It also helps us to ensure that there is no conflict of interest (e.g. caster is on one of the teams being cast) and to provide assistance should you need it.
    Transfer Window
    Please note that all transfers have to be approved by AsiaFortress Administrators, and will only take effect from the next week and onwards.
    Roster Lock and Team Directory
    Do note that rosters are locked until the first Transfer window. Do not add an Administrator to request for a roster change as it will not be allowed.
    The Team Directory is a record of all teams participating in AFC 11, along with links to their leaders and members. It will serve as the definitive record of each team's roster. If you spot an error in your team's roster, please inform your Division Administrator immediately.
    That concludes the commencement brief for AsiaFortress Cup 11! The first week's Match Threads will be going up soon, and you can get to scheduling your first matches of the season.
    As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your Division Administrator.
    Best of luck, and may the best team win!


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    Divisions have been finalized by the AsiaFortress Administrator and Staff Team. They are as follows:
    Division 1
    • Burger Apocalypse
    • HBZB
    • BALI 6
    • bb tommy
    • p00t1s..iz..kil?1!...
    • Muscle Revolution
    • A Motley Crew
    Division 2
    • The Mighty Gibuses
    • 2years
    • The Chess Foundation
    • Maiden Voyage
    • Steal Your Job
    • Technology Eclipse
    • Shufflee
    • Aetiology
    • Arte et Marte
    • nubsquad
    Division 3
    • Teme Machines
    • Atomic Energy
    • ChaoTicZ
    • The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances
    • RememberUs?
    • Technical Difficulties
    • Ugly Ducklings
    • OTCD
    • 6nubs
    • We Are Pros
    • KhairuL's Legacy Reborn
    • Dead Of Night
    • Open Minds
    • White Wing
    • Asterisk


    Team distributions are final and NOT subject to change.



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    [Rules] [Unlocks] [Division Administrators[Registration] [Key Dates and Map Pool] [Discussion] [Team Directory] [Demo Uploads] [Server Bookings] [Match Threads] [Cast Requests]


    It's that time of the year again!

    The 10th AsiaFortress Cup has recently (for a very generous definition of the word) reached its conclusion, with xiao, Fruit Salad, and The Mighty Gibuses triumphing over their opponents to win their respective divisions. And as one competition reaches completion, another commences; it is thus our pleasure to announce that we will NOT be hosting Mercenaries Cup 8!
    Yes, you read that correct. After careful deliberation, the AsiaFortress admin team has decided to shelve the Mercenaries Cup until further notice in favor of running our regular season more frequently. That's not the only change this new year, as we've also made a number of alterations to the rule sets, which, as always, you should be reading here before signing up.
    Of course, I'm willing to bet that none of you actually clicked the link, so here's what you really need to know:
    • As of AFC11, AsiaFortress is now on the Global Whitelist.
    • Granary is out of the map pool, and we've replaced it with Reckoner. Download it here.
    • Every player involved in a match (including mercenaries) must record a demo for each map of their matches, and keep it until at least a week after the end of the season.
    Whether you're just getting your feet wet or you're vying for the top, AFC has something for you.
    Registrations will be closed on 20th January 2017 23:59 GMT+8