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Round 7: Technical Difficulties vs OTCD

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AsiaFortress Cup 11 Match Thread

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(Round 7)

Round: 7
Home Team: Technical Difficulties
Away Team: OTCD
Map Pool:
  • koth_product_rc8
  • cp_badlands
  • P-REC is required for all players in the server.
  • Every player involved in a match (including mercenaries) must record a demo for each map of their matches (we recommend using P-REC or the in-game demo system) and keep it until at least one week after the end of the season. While not compulsory, we recommend for all players to upload their demos after each match to the Demo Uploads page, to avoid situations where their demos are misplaced or lost.
  • Scoreboard screenshots or logs.tf  must be posted in the thread when reporting scores.
  • Any mercenaries used in the round must be reported and stated in the thread. Please refer to section 4C of the AFC 11 Rules for further details regarding mercenaries.
To be scheduled by: Friday 24th March 2017
To be played within: Wednesday 22nd March 2017 to 26th March 2017

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7:38 AM - Phl4rie lfp med: We should be able to play on saturday 8.30pm onwards

11:28 AM - ledraj: kk

11:28 AM - ledraj: So, is saturday 8.45pm okay...?

11:24 AM - Phl4rie lfp med: Alright


Match scheduled at Saturday 8.45pm SG time until any further changes.



plz kil me

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7:45 PM - Phl4rie: we forfeit

7:50 PM - ledraj: wat
7:50 PM - ledraj: are you sure
7:45 PM - Phl4rie: we're not going into playoffs anyways
7:50 PM - ledraj: .-.
7:46 PM - Phl4rie: just a waste of time
7:50 PM - ledraj: aw
7:46 PM - Phl4rie: plus malaysia tm net gives 300 ping spikes
7:46 PM - Phl4rie: cuts me off from mumble
7:46 PM - Phl4rie: feel free to take out members,this team's dead after afc11
7:47 PM - Phl4rie: our*
7:47 PM - Phl4rie: sry to waste your time doe
7:51 PM - ledraj: it's ok
OTCD forfeits to Technical Difficulties.
plz kill me

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