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Our team is looking for a div 3 roamer.

Requirments :

Hours playing soldier : 150hours atleast

Has a little understanding on how to play roamer

A vocal player that can talk alot but also not too much lol

Good at rocket jumping (Obviously)

Can play on Saturday and Sunday night and afternoon. Also weekdays 9pm sg time


Please add me if you are interested. http://steamcommunity.com/id/bossesonly/




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Hello, I'm a soldier looking to play roamer for the 6 versus 6 format for a decent ugc/ afc te, I have to let you know that I have no previous experience in such format but I have the dm and most important I have the most difficult skill in this game: the skill and art of rocket jumping. I've been training for weeks to become one of the best jumpers in tempus and I have achieved a rank of Jester by completing hard maps like jump_adventure and jump_beef, around others. While I am dominating said skills, I can jump and bomb the enemy without them knowing where I come from and hopefully market garden the opponent, even get a medic drop or distract the enemy jumping around so my team can do the rest. I'm always training in the tempus servers day and night trying to rank up to be rank knight one day. I need you to pay my league feed. If you are interested in having such a skilled jumper, reply to this thread or add me on steam.

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