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[6v6] RE: Should we revamp the +1 system?

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Hi guys. Serious discussion here. And no I'm not memeing, and I'm not shitposting this time  :)  ;)


So currently the +1 system is:


1. Either medic has a 1/2 chance to first pick in +1

2. Medics are picking alternately until they get a team of 6


So the flaw to this system is that, let's say that the number of players in +1 list is an odd number, whoever gets to first pick in +1, gets to first pick in Freepick as well.


This means that you can get two of the best  decent players in either team1 (theres no good/best players, just decent), ergo, you can stack the team pretty hard.


Inevitably this leads to lopsided, boring 5-0 for both teams and a waste of my +1


IMO, medic who gets to pick second in +1 should be able to pick first in freepick. That's all.


1 Teejay, H. (2016, April). Saltboi Adventures. I'm the best fucking player in Asian TF2, 1(1), 34-35.

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