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AsiaFortress Mercenaries Cup 7

Team Directory

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This thread will be used as a reference for team leaders looking to contact each other for match scheduling, as well as to keep track of teams still participating in the tournament.
Eliminated teams will be struck out (example) to indicate their status.
Cozy Home - Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong

Beyond Velocity - Korea

PSYCHOS - Singapore

Trake's Bae - Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia



Shuffed.tf Inc. - Indonesia



Edelweiss - Singapore, Hong Kong



Club Penguin Crusaders - Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan

Steal Your Job - Hong Kong



Mak Kau Terbang - Singapore

Fireless - Japan


Cute Beast - China, Korea

Kusoyotech - Korea

A Motley Crew - Singapore, Japan


Team Intermediate - Singapore, Malaysia



Connection Drops In The Rice Fields - Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines




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