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From Europe to Asia

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Hello Asiafortress community! My name is san alex, some of you might know me for this article about the AsiaFortress Community:http://www.vanillatf2.org/2013/09/competitive-tf2-around-the-world-the-asiafortress-commnunity/.
Im portuguese and i live in Europe, but by the end of this year im going to emigrate to Asia, more specifically Macau.
I would like to know your general opinion about Macau, and about living in Asia.


Disclaimer Im looking for a team in Asia :D  I play around High level in 6vs6 and Prem/Platinum level in Highlander although I have been inactive and sandbaging in lower divs lately ^^


Like I said, I plan to compete in Asiafortress, and maybe in ozofortress, but I dont know if both are possible, since I have no idea how good is the internet in Macau.



Anyway I would appreciate your thoughts about Macau and the other topics, thanks in advance!





Also I will leave here my stream and stream group:




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Macau should be alright if you wanna play in AsiaFortress, but generally none of us can really play in OzFortress due to ping. 


Also moved your post to say hi!

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Hey Alex! ^_^


Idk if you remember me from eu in pickups/pugs/scrims


welcome to asia i guess (for the future)


u defo can't play ozfortress from asia ping will be too high....


but looking foreward to see (another european??) in asia ^_^

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Hope you have fun living in Macau and don't gamble it all away!

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