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SourceTV IPs

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Hi all.


As of writing, this is the current list of SourceTV IPs for the servers.


pug.asiafortress.com:27080 - Server #0
pug.asiafortress.com:27081 - Server #1
pug.asiafortress.com:27082 - Server #2
pug.asiafortress.com:27083 - Server #3
pug.asiafortress.com:27084 - Server #4
pug.asiafortress.com:27085 - Server #5


Always broadcasting, so if you encounter any problems, the relays are down or the IPs have changed. Do inform the admins or post any problems if you have any.

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AF#0: connect sg2.asiafortress.com:27080
AF#1: connect sg2.asiafortress.com:27081
AF#2: connect sg2.asiafortress.com:27082
AF#3: connect sg2.asiafortress.com:27083
AF#4: connect sg1.asiafortress.com:27084
AF#5: connect sg1.asiafortress.com:27085


Server STVs have been updated!

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