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Ban Appeal [PUG]

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name: Khalzar
LINK to your public steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198031805784/
steam id: e.g: STEAM_0:0:35770028

why you got banned: Voted off for leaving the game while being medic.
why you should be unbanned:

          I was mainly banned due to leaving the game while being a medic. Worst part is that I didn't even close the game myself, as hl2 suddenly stopped working and closed TF2 in front of my eyes. I joined the PUG a minute ago and couldn't go back to medic. I was so disappointed that I was getting banned in front of my eyes due to Valve software not working, as well as the players who misunderstood. 
link to your ban : http://pug.asiafortress.com/sb/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:35770028&advType=steamid&Submit

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