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AFLAN.SG Tournament Format & Rules

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Tournament format

Match format will be 6v6, playing 5CP & KoTH maps, where the winner for 5CP will be determined by who has the higher number of round wins after 30 minutes, or if the point difference reaches 5. KoTH maps have no time limit, and teams will attain victory by being the first to win 4 rounds in a best of 7.

8 teams are required to start the competition and each team will have to pay a non-refundable entry fee of SGD$15 per player. The registration thread is here.

The competition will consist of both an online group phase and an elimination phase.

Online Group Phase
The 8 teams will play in a Double Elimination - Best of 3 tournament format. Qualifying Rounds and Upper Bracket Quarter Finals will be played online. 

The 8 teams will all advance to LAN for the playoffs, where they will play in a double elimination format, and both teams are required to eliminate and pick the maps of their choice prior to every match. The Lower Bracket, Semi-finals and Grand Final matches will be played on the day of LAN.

Class limits

6 players per side, Medic, Heavy, Engineer and Demoman limit 1, Class limit 2 for other classes.

Teams need at least 5 players to play a scheduled 6v6 match. A team can ask their opponent to allow a merc (maximum 1) to play for their team.


Mercs are players that are not on your teams’ roster. Teams MAY NOT use a merc at any time of a match unless their opponent has agreed to it, and mercs may only be used if a team is unable to field 6 players from their roster. If a team does not have enough players for a scheduled match and want to use a merc, they must contact the opponent beforehand and a log of the agreement has to be provided in the match scheduling thread. Teams caught using a merc on a smurf account, or a merc without their opponent’s permission, will be disqualified from the tournament. A team may choose to play with 5 players minimum to start the game.

Mercs will not be allowed to be used during the LAN. If a player is unable to attend the LAN and a new player is added to their roster, they will need to inform the organizers any time before the playoffs.

Match Scheduling and No Shows

Teams that fail to organize their matches more than twice during the group phase will be considered as disqualified and removed from competition, and all their previous and future opponents will be awarded a default win. The registration fees for disqualified teams will not be refunded.

SourceTV Demos

STV Demos for the online phase + LAN phase will be automatically recorded and put up at http://pug.asiafortress.com/demo

Real Names

When registering your team in the forums, the name that is stated for each individual player will be the name that they used in ALL their matches. Any hint of smurfing or aliasing or players sharing/playing for other accounts will be punished severely by warning and/or disquafliication with NO refund.

Scoreline Reporting

Match results should be posted in their respective threads within 24 hours of when the match ended, with AT LEAST one accompanying screenshot from each team.

Technicalities and default wins

Teams are expected to ready up at a maximum of 15 minutes after the timing provided in the match thread, unless a valid reason can be provided.

Teams are given the right to claim a default win if their opponents are not able to start after 15 minutes, however the match may be delayed if both teams agree and if the admins are informed beforehand. However this is not encouraged, especially if your match is going to be streamed.

Hackers and Smurfs

Any players caught hacking or playing through smurf accounts will be banned from entering future events held by AF.


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