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Looking for a fresh HL team to join

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Hi all, am looking to join a fresh highlander team for the soldier position. Have scrimmed twice in highlander PuGs, but nothing more than that. Soldier is my main class.

Name: GodPotato

Preferred Classes: Soldier, Pyro, Medic, Demo

Available Playing Times: Monday to Thursday, 4pm to 4am (UTC +8, Singapore)

Preferred Skill Level: Casual HL scrims, but maybe up till the lowest division.

Other Information: Scold me if need be, when i make mistakes. Especially stupid ones. Just go easy on the cussing. :] Will do my best to improve. Have comms. (mumble, teamspeak, mic, etc) Can barely communicate in Chinese so English will do just fine. Am friendly, very friendly. Have a deep sexy voice.


Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/statutoryape/

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