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List of AsiaFortress Adminstrators and Staff

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AsiaFortress Administrator and Staff Team
Last updated 19th September 2016 by Caldoran
The following is a comprehensive list of members in the AsiaFortress Administrator and Staff Team along with their roles and what you should (or should not) contact them for.
In general, while we prefer posts on this forum since it provides an open discussion platform and is more convenient, should you require assistance, wish to give feedback or want to report an incident, feel free to contact the appropriate person by referring to the list below.
Administrators or Staff with an asterisk (*) beside their name indicates that they are holding multiple positions of varying administrative powers within the team.
Casting Team Administrator
The Casting Team Administrator is in charge of managing our official Casting Team. If you are interested to help out in our Casting Team as a Caster, Assistant or other roles you think you're suitable for, this is who you should contact.

Community Managers
These are the people who you should be looking to contact first to give suggestions, feedback and bug reports. Because they are unable to take administrative action in-game, reporting players who have broken rules should be directed towards the General Administrators instead.

General Administrators
General Administrators are the people you should be reporting players who have broken PUG rules to, either in-game when they are present or after the game if necessary. Providing them with demos and other evidence will help greatly in your case.

Senior Administrators
Senior Administrators are in charge of the General Administrators. If you wish to report wrongful behaviour within the Administrators and Staff Team, they are a possible avenue. While General Administrators are more suitable for reporting rule-breaking PUG players, you can also report them to the Senior Administrators if you deem necessary.

Jump, MGE and Ultiduo Administrators
Jump and MGE/Ultiduo Administrators handle the official AsiaFortress Jump, MGE and Ultiduo servers. You may contact them if you wish to report an outdated plugin, exploitative players or other problems related to those servers.

Head Administrators
You may contact the respective Head Administrators directly to report wrongful behaviour by players in the community, including any AsiaFortress Administrators and Staff. Suggestions, ideas and other concerns are also welcome if you do not feel comfortable contacting the other Administrators and Staff.

  • Teejay [south East Asia and Overall]

Competition Administrators
You should contact the Competition Administrators in the case of any conflicts or problems that occur during an official AsiaFortress tournament or event. Examples include having difficulties in scheduling matches and reporting rulebreaking/cheating by another team. Competition Administrators have many administrative powers but are only able to use them to ensure official league matches or events go smoothly, and not in PUGs. Hence, you should direct reports of players breaking rules in PUGs to the General Administrators.

  • Teejay [Major Tournaments]
  • Gothmog* [Minor Tournaments and Events]

Content Creators
These members contribute their creative prowess through things like writeups and artwork. If you wish to join them in expressing your artistic or literary talent, then you should contact a Head Administrator.

  • vetia* [Writeups]
  • moosepi* [Writeups]
  • himari* [Writeups]
  • Cell [Design]
  • Concordia [Design]
  • Robin [Design]

League Owner
There should be no need to contact the League Owner directly. Crash/bug reports and other suggestions can either be posted in the Forums or directed towards the other Administrators and Staff.

  • natapon
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