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  4. tf2 scammers be like

    how do i play

    how do i join lobbies like 6v6 and hl
  5. UwU your so Warm

    Hellow i wan't to join a competitiveteam.

    Hellow i wan't to join a competitive team i'm from the philippines i main scout and soldger and why should i join in tf2 because i'm getting bored in tf2 casual and if i que for comp it takes a long time and i want to show my skill in the world of competitive tf2
  6. stickman gaming


    I'm very new to competitive tf2 and i'm trying to find a comp game before joining an actual team because i'm new obviously. Also i like kirby
  7. Pitviper40

    looking for a team

    I have 1100 hrs on tf2. I can't give hours I have on each class specifically since I reset the stats some time ago. I can play scout,heavy and medic quite well and also soldier quite well My profile :- https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198179480046/
  8. MagMes


    Need Medic? Im added you on discord.
  9. *etf2l profile* *tf2center profile*
  10. mao


  11. Tabbi

    Q&A: Got a question? Post it here!

    how do i end up in a HL team? im new to asia fortress
  12. phantombonnie271


    hey i'd love to play on your team, as engineer i have 150+ hours on engi i live in asia my mic is pretty good and i am not toxic here's my profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/Damnbro132
  13. phantombonnie271

    i'm looking for team HL engineer

    hello, i'm new to asiafortress, i am looking for team to join, i'll play engi i have 80+ tf2center lobbies experience https://tf2center.com/profile/76561198866309027 i have 150+ hours on engineer i am asian i can also play spy. i am not toxic, promise! i have a pretty good mic and i am asian here's my steam proflie https://steamcommunity.com/id/Damnbro132/ i am a new comp player, can play on iron and open thanks
  14. jyp

    lft div3 scout or med

    I am looking for a team as a div3 scout or med. I want a team that's playing in either the current season or any future seasons. I am from North America so I will have very high ping, and need you to give me the times for matches and scrims at least a day before it happens so I can wake up early for it. If your interested, add me on steam or discord ( jyp#7983).
  15. HighestAces

    First Time in Highlander

    Hi to anyone reading this, I'm a soldier main and wanting to play Highlander. Eventhough it might say in my steam account that I have only 500 hours I have a different account that proves I have 1000+ and even if you don't believe it, I can prove myself in the game. Please add me if you are looking for a soldier.add me here:https://steamcommunity.com/id/HighestAces/
  16. Hi to anyone reading this, I'm a soldier main and wanting to play Highlander. Eventhough it might say in my steam account that I have only 500 hours I have a different account that proves I have 1000+ and even if you don't believe it, I can prove myself in the game. Please add me if you are looking for a soldier. add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HighestAces/
  17. xq Row.

    Legacy from 2009-2010

    Few weeks ago, I found old my demos and rollback TF2 files on my old HDD. I tired to test them and found some of them are still works! I felt kind of nostalgic and rememebered having most momentum days of competitive TF2 scenes. So I want share my passion and want to say grateful for these-days players, so I record and upload to YouTube. #Legacy from 2009-2010 And here is the playlist of tournamet POVs. Picked up play-offs. #FJTF2 Season7(2009) #FJTF2 Season8(2009) #AsiaFortress Season1(2010) #AsiaFortress Season2(2010) Rollback TF2 files are not perfect. Missing files(ERROR object and purple texture) are shown on screens. And these games were played on Starhhub(SG) or HK servers where my ping was aroud 100, so a bit laggy though. My life-time result of competitive TF2 is below. ・Japanese Toournaments and Leagues 2008.09 FJTF2 #4 Div1    1st Xq 2008.10 FJTF2 #5 Div1    2nd Xq 2009.10 CyAC TF2 Ladder League 1st Xq 2008.11 FJTF2 #6 Div1 2nd Xq 2009.03 FJTF2 #7 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 FJTF2 #8 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.07 TF2BBALL #1 Tournament 1st Xq 2009.11 FJTF2 #9 Tournament 4th slp(Mix team of asia countiries) ・AsiaFortress AsiaFortress Season1 1st slp AsiaFortress Season2 Dvi1 3-4th Pancakes AsiaFortress Season4 Div1 3rd NFR(sub) P.S. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone have been supporting to me, especeially : ozr Cheerio tax himajiso Azuki syu nnnta nnnx spammah Cheese havok cleric LALJ
  18. Uguu


    Our team in looking forward to take part in AFC Div 3 and we are in search for a new medic main! contact me on : Discord: aaron#6092 steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/FbiOpenUp99/
  19. [LitK] SirRamen


    I'm starting a new team, as figured. I'm looking for: -Scout -Soldier -Pyro -Demo -Heavy -Engi -Sniper -Spy (I'm playing as medic) (I also need a sub team) ~Requirements~ -around 500+ hours on TF2 - 50+ hours on class - Mic - Not toxic - and please if my profile doesn't work , just leave ur profile when u reply to this https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ <- My steam
  20. [LitK] SirRamen

    Div 3 Medic looking for a team

    I am a medic main with only 6t.5 Hours on medic, it may seem low. But i can playpretty decently Yes I have the requirements - Mic - Friendly - I can attend most matches If any teams wanna pick me up, heres my steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/
  21. [LitK] SirRamen

    LFP Highlander

    Hey, i wanna join ur team, although i can't use the link. Cuz it's broken for some reason, and yes. I have all the requirements - I have a mic - I'm friendly and here's my https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ steam
  22. [LitK] SirRamen

    Looking for Players Highlander

    I wanna join as medic
  23. [LitK] SirRamen

    LF SPY/MED/ENGIE MAINS(Helping a friend to recruit)

    hi, i can't access the contact link, but i wanna join as medic. I can play medic pretty smoothly Here's my steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ add me for more discussion :)))))
  24. [LitK] SirRamen


    Hey, the steam link does not work. But I'm interested in joining as medic. - I'm really friendly - I have a mic (although it has static , but u can still understand me) - I know the healing order - I have comp experience from UGC games - I can help the team , just by keeping things calm - I can come most of the time If u wanna talk to me here's my steam and discord .Ramen.#1221 https://steamcommunity.com/id/7621321532135/ Thank u for the time, i will be waiting this :)))
  25. soyboy


  26. Hello Everyone I am ScremingEgle! I've been playing tf2 for about 8 years and am finally looking to get into comp! I am looking for a Highlander or 6s team! I have about 6500 hours on my main account. I main soldier and prefer roamer but i can also play pocket if needed! I dont play as much scout and demo but i can be reliable on both. I am able to play med but its def not my best class. Im very new to the realm of competitive Team Fortress 2 so im looking for a beginner team! If you would like me to join your competitive team as either a main or a sub you can find my steam at https://steamcommunity.com/id/scremingegle/ you can also add me on discord with my tag ScremingEgle#1363
  27. Hello, I'm interested in joining your team. I have over 5000 hours (added up from all my accounts) I live in Korea, and I can play soldier, pyro, sniper and demo. Steam profile
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