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  1. My biggest regret is foreshadowing novice pugs 

  2. Gojira

    Round 6: Instant_Food vs The 6 Gents

    Hello, this is D4LE from team 6 gents The match will be scheduled to 21:30 this sunday. Sorry for the late post EDIT: Match could start earlier due to internal things in our team. Sorry
  3. Gojira

    Masters of MGE Soldier Registration Page

    Nickname: Laggerung Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/laggerung/ Hours of TF2: 5228 Challonge Username: Laggerung go ez on me
  4. I tripped down on a stair. Ez

  5. Hello,my name is Gojira. I want to post a suggestion about 6v6 I'm still new at 6v6 and I already know my problem. Most of the time,people gave me tips to play MGE so i can be better at competitive. But I realized that is not my problem. I still need to get hang of teamwork and communicate to my team often I'm still too shy to communicate because usually i pug with experienced players and every time i'm trying make a move,they usually disagree. My suggestion is to make a 6v6 server just for new players. So they can get hang of their communication and teamwork. This idea just came out from my head this morning. Not sure you guys gonna agree with this.
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    I will remember this tradition, but I need to
  7. Did a facial yesterday. From ( ° ͜ʖ °) to (° ͜ʖ°)

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    Hi :3