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  1. when will bigfoot buy a mic


    lets make a new team and see if we can beat FBI


    badlands and granary are the greatest maps ever, they are so balanced and will never change especially gran nobodys gunna add a new hole somewhere lol impossilbe


    i'll captain for blue team, no I said I will fuck off airshot


    Speaking of airshots, Airshot My Love


    is pan really a girl? is that really her in the dp?


    spammah can I join your clan?


    white skinnies


    nobody picks me because i'm strong but not famous


    FaN is fucking overpowered!!!!! you think you pro cuz u use it??????????


    guys come i host dogz_warmup_crate/duel_duel2/spireking we train (seriously mge isn't SHIT compared to dogz)


    random demoman airshotting in pugs = divine. theres no one we don't know.


    fucking panda can't play scout play spy


    fucking panda played spy in that pug


    fucking panda.


    erm guys i didnt play for the past 2 pugs can i play i dont mind medic


    #6 is for pubbers only comp players go back to #7 #8


    omg that guy has a hat


    I can't believe kin has 4k hours on demo


    that summer guy is complaining he only gets picked for med and never gets a chance to improve


    nemes|s is the greatest troll to ever exist. solaris comes in second place.


    which one is the fucking short? which one the fucking long? CAN'T YOU JUST SAY LEFT AND RIGHT?


    shoot around corners and listen for the sound of the enemy crying out if only we had a goddamn hitsound indicator


    who the fucks going to buy that game just for a bunny hat


    lol why would we ever need a division 2? can't we all just play in one div


    watch out for jr he always put stickytrap


    I don't think we can use gunboats in comp shotgun is too important


    first channel of mumble server = vco


    wa so many people in this channel become the new PGTF2


    last but not least:


    This game is dying quit while you still can -RIP OSTER 1992-2010

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  2. I'd like to say that the best way to thank the admins would be to create more content. It can be anything serious and productive like the skill rater or VODs or it can be totally pointless but fun like fuzz's frag clips. Not only does this foster a sense of belonging and community, the concept we've planned for the new AF site will be content-heavy so the more stuff we have on display the better the whole thing will look.


    At the end of the day, nobody will be motivated to run events and sponsor prizes for a dead or passive community. All the older players have done a good job of putting aside their personal shit to work together so far (and believe me theres a farking ocean under the bridge) and that has largely improved the atmosphere- we want the focus now to be to help the recent AFA grads to get out of div 3 standards so the next AFC can be run with two divs.


    Help ok thanks.

  3. Also, given that i do not usually have regular access to a mouse, I really do feel i have reached a plateau.


    This statement alone is proof that you have not, in fact, reached the TF2-skill limits of your own personal experience and innovation/experimentation/exploration also called a skill ceiling or the liberally thrown around term 'plateau'.




    tl;dr Buy a mouse, raise your own skill ceiling without external help. External help won't/can't help a guy with no mouse.


    Source: guy who played FPS using mice, gamepads, joysticks, styli, trackpads, trackballs and even pistol grips for PC and eventually went back to using a mouse.

  4. In order for UT4 to be made, someone needs to kidnap the current developers at epic and force them to play 100 hours of UT99 and then 100 hours of UT2k4. Ask them if it was worth killing these two amazing games for gears of console war.


    In order for UT4 to not suck, someone needs to kidnap the current developers at epic and force them to play 100 hours of UT3. Ask them what the fuck is this shit?


    This thread is now about Unreal Tournament.