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  1. Aycan found out it was the keyboard regional settings that caused the space crouch problem. We were later able to solve the issue for the people that did bring it to our attention.


    That's why I kept saying don't hero, any shit not working come find me.

  2. Thanks for a super fun 19 hours (not).


    -everyone who stayed until the finals were finally concluded at 3am.




    Just kidding la, but it was amazing to see one of the rare times where games were so close, even at the lower brackets, as opposed to the typical 5-0 rolls. Shoutouts to some of the teams that marathoned 6 to 8 maps in a row and still kept going ahaha.

  3. Where can I view the streams/casts and player POVs of the matches so far? I think it'll be nice to collate all the media coverage including the event-day photos etc.


    It'll be good for anyone looking to make a video too.

  4. Wasn't Mercs supposed to be the alternate playstyle, experimental, winner-take-all-metals cup?


    What gameplay differences or prize stakes from the regular season have been implemented this time round? Also will teams face burnout considering upcoming LAN? What kind of casting coverage is planned? Can we expect a highlights clip at the end?


    Sorry so many questions, thanks for reading!! ^¤^

  5. I used to think the veterans of my day, many of them my lifelong friends now, were very detached/elite from the rest of the 'peasant' community. Until I got to know them and realized they were just people as well, probably in the same age group too. Some were regular people with outside lives and totally open to being befriended, others were complete pieces of fucking shit- either way undeserving of being placed on any weird online pedestal.


    It is the same now, you just have to bother to socialize. And I don't mean adding people and never introducing yourself or starting a conversation ever, you're just setting yourself up to be deleted off friends. Any community needs, well, communication; but its rare to see any kind of interaction outside of the established cliques happening, especially not in mumble anymore with all the passworded channels. Its been a long time since anyone's gotten drunk and crashed a random channel to start a talk cock session at 4am.




    In any case, AFL is not perfect- but take it from me its a far better place than it was before. The days where complaints were supressed/ignored and getting any positive change took maybe six months and an army. The days where elitism was far more rampant and you were solely judged/picked on your in-game skill rather than how not-retarded you are- you could get away with anything if you had the eye of the admins in your favour. The days where planning an event involved jumping through hoops after hoops of red tape and angkating so many bolas you have no idea. The days where pugs were total shit- oh wait they still are. Point being, naysayers have always been around (hi oster <3). You can join them or you can lend a hand to those still trying to sail this so-called failboat.


    Blessed Christmas!

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  6. I can't believe people are voting winger over the flaregun. That shit makes pyro viable at range and can one shot scouts on fire man! How often are you going to pull out your winger?


    Besides the flaregun has a much higher skill ceiling and frag video worthy potential. More skill and more entertainment makes comp gaming comp.

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  7. On your own time, run a short cup maybe spanning two days and 4 to 6 teams with whatever unlocks and rules you want. Assuming you plan well and don't screw up the logistics (like preparing your own whitelists to pass nata to upload at least three days in advance), get some casters to do a stream even if isn't professionally done (amateur can be charming), everyone shows up and has a good time then I am sure you can make a real case for unlocks. Even if it doesn't change the main league rules you can bet your event will be a mainstay like Mercs or ultiduo, after all the whitelist will be there already.


    It takes effort to put your proverbial money where your mouth is.

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