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  1. In the light of all the heated and needlessly verbose threads that have been going around of late, I thought we should have a little casual fun. Of course, I have no idea whether this little game within a game will be successful or even fun for that matter. So you guys decide, if I can get maybe 16 names for this I will go ahead and run the 'beta'. What: an online variant of the assassins icebreaker game. when: as long as it takes continuing through any pub or pug game where: any server how: interested applicants will contact the spymaster who will issue a hit. Each player will have one target and will be the target of one other player. On elimination of your target, you will now hunt your victims target. The catch: although the pool of participants is publicly known, nobody knows who is going after who. The final standing assassin will undertake one last challenge before being declared the survivor. Dead players are eliminated from the game but may be brought back as zombies to hunt survivors if I deem fit. some other details: screenshot proof is needed. Contracts will have special conditions such as maybe, headshots only or location specific like only on gran last. More pro players will have slightly more challenging terms if their target is some scrub. Zombies, naturally, move in packs and only use melee. This game will be played with a gentlemen's agreement not to be a smurf, prick or worse, a cheating prick. This is largely open to the regulars and not so regulars but I may have to veto your application if you are some completely unknown guy with 30 hours on your tf2 account. There are some other details I haven't worked out yet. so are you game?
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    Skill Level of Local Players + Some Sharing

    Tale as old as time Tune as old as song Bitter sweet and strange Finding you can change Learning you were wrong Certain as the sun Rising in the east http://www.lostgarden.com/2009/11/testosterone-and-competitive-play.html?m=1 http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131802/glory_and_shame_powerful_.php
  3. Disclaimer: Pugs have been and always will be mostly aids Chill the fuck out noobs
  4. There's no problem with classes, just the players. All the misdirected frustration stems from the lack of effort and cooperation from everyone else. All six must want to do what needs to be done to win, and respect each other too no matter how senior or newb. Though the new ones should defer to the vets on what to do to win, even if it's not what they want to do, example stop offclassing. Vets don't be selfish and take the sniper spot always, give others a chance to show themselves. You all only want your own way, confident that it's the one and only way to fun and glory (it's not la). Try to listen instead, prompt others for their calls. Be the change you want to see instead. Lead by example and be patient. Because you can't force people but you can inspire and empower them. I cant promise a great skill level improvement reform for this community but I can promise you less negativity and more fun in pugs/training; limpeh guarantee. The fact that people still post here is wonderful. It shows you give a shit, no matter how many image macros you paste. So put your one shit (if you can't give two shits) behind the right effort. And remember the 'patience' part. I failed because I raged too much.
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    This is exactly the kind of mentality I was warning against in my post. You see I see we all see the LAN's going to suck without a concerted effort. I may be pessimistic, but I have reason to be. I've seen some serious shit go down in total failure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: To be less of a spoilsport, I'll clarify that I really do want to see a LAN happen, but let's be realistic- the core admin team already face manpower issues. With the rampancy of hackers/exploiters/DOSing going around on top of the already stressful planning, anyone who wants to plan a fair LAN will have a lot to think about and plan for. I just want everyone to be prepared for a huge undertaking and not have the impression that this will be a walk in the park. I would love to give my 100% and help run this but I'll be going away, so here are some things I'd like to bring up while I still have access to the internet. If you guys ever get round to planning this remember to take note of: Servers Besides the obvious social interaction, one of the main draws of having a local game would be the use of LOCAL SERVERS that remove the client side interpolation advantage (computer 'guessing' events, if you've ever heard of the peekers advantage this is it) for fairest play possible. This means you'll need the server to be an on-site computer- going there and connecting to nata's AFL servers is kind of redundant and silly. You'll have to think of getting custom maps and cfg/whitelists on to the computers there. Which brings us to.. Mumble A local murmur server should be available(?) so teams can still use mumble (because its generally going to be noisy + bad seating if Masters is anything to by). I don't know if the latency of playing on a LAN server but having your murmur server somewhere else will work. Spectators Standing space or spectator terminals need to be arranged. These cost money (a lot). We had seats at masters but it was very difficult-to-impossible to watch games over the players' shoulders (not to mention annoying to the players who are trying to focus.) Server-side demos / Player stream Not required but itll be nice. Attacks / Technical FAIL We've actually had a long, illustrious record of servers being DOS'd just before important final matches, STVs being unable to work, whitelists breaking, valve releasing updates midway that break the game/plugins/servers. You need to get a bunch of technically sound people on standby to fix shit. No Shows Unless you have unlimited trunks of cash from sponsors you'll need to collect an entry fee to foot the costs. Collect money BEFORE people decide not to show up. And keep a clear receipt. Hardware Be very clear about what kind of specs the computers have, and if there will be any limits placed on USB flash drives, macro-keyboards, scripts or configs or HUDs. (On the plus side you won't have to think of ratehackers) Computer specs to run TF2 comfortably is easy enough not to miss, but PAY ATTENTION TO THE AVAILABILITY OF I/O PORTS. People will want to plug in their own mice/keyboard/headset, how many of what kind of ports are available? I remember needing to buy PS/2 to USB and 3.5mm TRS converters for everyone during masters because their gear had different ports from what was available. A LAN competition is very different from going to the cybercafe with friends. Just ask Summer how much costs he had to absorb for the BBQ (NOT TO MENTION THAT ONE TIME HE GOT BLAMED FOR FUCKING UP THE LAN THAT WASN'T HIS FAULT LOL)
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    No, Masters was 11 Sep 2011 and, relatively speaking, a huge success. It was a LAN that was a defining moment in many of our TF2 careers. If the community can come together and organize something as well planned as that (a logistics nightmare btw: configs, match placements, time slots, hardware, prizes etc) then it will be a 110% awesome event. But wanting something and being capable of something isn't the same. If you want anything to be a success you have to start from the forum archives, look at every event run; everything from its rules to its vision what did it do right and wrong. Most of all look at the kind of hate leaders receive time and time again (for starters I've given you one example date already, find out what happened) and ask yourself if you can deal with that. I'm not saying the community hasn't changed since then. I'm saying whatever its changed into- its still full of selfish shitdicks. Also most teams can't even show up to a virtual place to play a virtual game without being 30 minutes late. You want people to show up at a LAN on time with all their configs and HUDs ready and working? If I still haven't changed your mind then good you're just plain stupid/stubborn/masochist you've got the determination you need to do this. Go organize a kickass LAN and make sure you do it right. Good luck.
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    Not really... I guess it's something to show nata; Convince him that the SG TF2 scene is really strong (Over 9000, nearly OP, should be nerfed but can't be) HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHACOUGHJUNE152011COUGHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  8. Someone actually posted a suggestion in the suggestions forum that makes sense!
  9. Madman

    Winger jumps

    Pretty cool though not as groundbreaking as the basher jumps I guess. A lot of these jumps (or slight variations that get to the same place) can be done with perfect-height double crouch jumps. WHAT I WANT TO SEE IS EQUALIZER MINI-CRIT SURFING.
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    7/10/13 Enormous Update

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    For The Sake Of Sanity

    We need a five page argument to push some senseless shit around in a show-trial (complete with 'votes' lmao democracy) because some of us get bored during our day jobs.
  12. Ping is the only reason why we havent done this (successfully) already. Remember when we last tried to run a nations cup in Asia? LOL
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    For The Sake Of Sanity

    I hate to miss an opportunity to make fun of fuzz but; it was worse before AFA. 'Good job' is pushing it though, maybe 'okay job'. You did an okay job, fuzz.
  14. Madman

    For The Sake Of Sanity

  15. Madman

    For The Sake Of Sanity

    @caldoran To prove that I am neutral let me fuck puzzled up for you: TO MORGAN: You claim that our admins must be like policemen who are the arm of the law, they act in accordance of the law (when x is a crime, and y is illegal) and not arrest people they don't like (personal whim). The problem with OUR admins (like that douchebag puzzled and mm too) is that they act out of accordance to the 'law' (the law is that: needless offclassing is a bannable offense). Now you can take this angle two ways; you can choose to blame the personality of our admins (but you have to name names in order to do so) that specifically SOMEONE is bending the rules to suit his personal whim (who he likes and who he does not like) or you can choose to blame the rule (for being too unspecific and vulnerable to misinterpretation). The ball is in your court now, but if you criticize a person, make sure you can do better. And if you criticize a rule, suggest something else in place. Either way, this is a proper argument (one that I do not support ok, i have full trust in our rules and admins. I post this purely for the sake of debate).
  16. Madman

    For The Sake Of Sanity

    No, read carefully, emotionlessly and objectively in order to avoid committing the strawman fallacy. Yes, I have addressed this in my post as well has the previous two threads some time back regarding offclassing + admin abuse (that they should approach situations politely with room for error/understanding). I stress again that 'one's discretion' is a very stretchy and hard to gauge term, hence, we must slowly learn to pick correct admins. Personally, I am usually okay with offclassing- pro or noob, annoying fuck or well behaved player. So I do not speak up- I do speak up when I feel someone has crossed the line. (my personal feeling, ie at my 'discretion'). It is not the job of admins to mind-read whenever someone feels uncomfortable with any instance of offclass/trolling. Voice it out if you have issues, again, this was mentioned in my post. There is a point for me. I can tell. Others probably can. I'm not going to explain this. Your valid opinion. Please construct all your future posts around further explaining and pushing this argument. So far you have given no example on why having admins will greatly compound the issue. Which is further puzzling because you have posted this: (This is the system that is already in place, but you have voted to remove 'policemen' entirely.) ... Anyway I'm done repeating myself. I strongly encourage anyone posting to make sure you fully avoid logical fallacies.
  17. Madman

    For The Sake Of Sanity

    We do not get rid of all the policemen. We simply learn to pick them better.
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    For The Sake Of Sanity

    @caldoran While you have asked us to consider that new players are not intentionally trolling but genuinely inexperienced, I must also ask you to consider that not all cases of offclassing is "outright trolling". There are many players who use pugs as experimental ground for new strats and we only do that when our team is already winning (hence it may look like the player is not taking the game or the enemy team seriously). Do not derail this thread into an an offclass/trolling discussion. I did not misintepret your post- this is what I mean; The ultimatum is this: if you don't say- people really won't know. Don't find me logs of 'outright trolling', find me logs of a 'veteran, popular' player (and I use your terms here) being told politely to play seriously and refusing to comply. I will make sure this player, even if its me, gets a nice ban. On a flip side, find me a log of an admin banning/kicking before any issued verbal warning to an errant player- and said admin will also be made to answer. In case you were unaware, it is precisely because one admin made a bit of an emotional decision during a pug and acted before warning that all of us have had to answer for it: with our kicking/banning temporarily(?) removed. This is the second time such an 'admin punishment' has happened. Don't blame the system or the people who put it in place because the people whom it was made for have no moral backbone. And most of all, lose the impression that we are power-hungry bullies. I would gladly be a normal player again if there was someone who would be both capable and willing to fulfill my duties, I assure you at least three more admins share my view here. We have our work and families to think about, I don't wake up thinking 'hmm, how can i be more of a online badass today?'. Finally, this is fully logical. All you need to realize in order for that to be logical is that we are pretty much people too. Nata cannot claim to be the best judge of a persons character, neither can the chosen admins claim that we will never snap on a bad day and misuse our powers. Hence, it is why we put systems in place to make sure nobody is above the law. You still think the pug system is unfair to the average person?
  19. Madman

    For The Sake Of Sanity

    I need you to re-read this statement and tell me what is wrong with it. Just to be clear I'm not victimizing you, and I side with neither puzzled nor nata. I just feel the need to point some things out.
  20. Madman

    For The Sake Of Sanity

    I'm an admin and I take offense. You have a history of being an admin that is far from illustrious and I think you should just lurk if you have nothing else to say. Meanwhile take a good look at what the rest have built, over five years. For no personal gain.
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    AFC7: Ticks

    1_1_TKFF_MADMAN_KUSOSCOUT_BOTHMAPSLACB.zip Within 20130701_2218_koth_pro_viaduct_rc3_red_ks.dem Tick 35000. Sniper 4k Couple of scout pointblanks after that if you need filler frags.