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    I would generally loose my motivation syncing the clips in the end
  2. sam


    sounds like you... doesnt it .. just replace the complexity word with gamon
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    bullshit ..................... relic can alone beat the crap out of ryb and the yyt matha fakaz
  4. sam


    No cherry you are wrong coL> all and relic beats everyone
  5. um Kin it is the starting freeze time which freezes you at the start of the round.. and it should be 10
  6. Really Good Job Spammah
  7. sam

    Team Cataclysmic Interview

    I iz here :> but yeah its up to you i dont have shit editing skills butt you guys just hate me =( you're a pretty cool guy when you don't open your mouth The same goes for you ..........
  8. sam

    A rather pathetic question...

    I an not getting a new HUD for the sake of my FPS, the current HUD is already good enough for me to scan everything I need (ammo, health, capture point status, stuff like that). Plus I've been playing for 3 years now and this problem only recently surfaced. eh did you even see the last section its not about hud dude its about fps game booster and fps cfg ..........:<<<<
  9. sam

    6v9 Highlights

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjqFNbo3Wa8 PS fuck yea WMG i got the music back + jittery models i know stv sux even i use cl_interp .01 and host_timescale 0.001
  10. sam

    A rather pathetic question...

    http://asiafortress.com/thread-140.html see the last section
  11. sam

    6v9 Highlights

    Post: #1 6v9 Highlights PS fuck yea WMG i got the music back + jittery models i know stv sux even i use cl_interp .01 and host_timescale 0.001 Displeased
  12. sam

    6v9 Highlights

    NOT Oh well he pulled out some good frags though that's what he can do when he was playing a semi pub event [PUB SYNDROME] Conngey t3h pUbb3r
  13. sam

    what's happen

    Yea I remember now ty lol
  14. sam

    6v9 Highlights

    Oster LOL
  15. sam

    6v9 Highlights

    Apologies people since i was really tired and i coudnt see the DEMO from everyones POV ... it would be like watching the demo 15 times... so i just picked up some frags :3
  16. sam

    what's happen

    LOL yeah ive seen this happening somewhere before suxx for the team add up some contrastt for teh lulz
  17. sam


    THESE FILES CAN BE DOWNLOADED ONLY 10 TIMES So i recommend if someone downloads it to upload it somewhere else where the files can be downloaded infinite times.... GROUP 1 [Note: You can change The Player you are spectating and the Players view in STV (like normal specating)] 1.[PUBBERS PICK] STV DEMO 1 [GOLDRUSH] - http://rapidshare.com/files/368810305/stv_pub_vs_pug_goldrush_1.dem.html 2.[PUGGERS PICK] STV DEMO 2 [bADLANDS-Not From Starting...] http://rapidshare.com/files/368812739/badlands_pug_pub_2.dem.html GROUP 2 1.[PUBBERS PICK] POV DEMO 1 http://rapidshare.com/files/368819136/20100326_2019_cp_dustbowl_pub_blu.dem.html 2.[PUGGERS PICK](Crashed Half way ) http://rapidshare.com/files/368824383/20100326_2051_cp_granary_pub_wtrf.dem.html
  18. sam

    Nasty ??

    seems like conggy has bad vision
  19. sam

    Evolution A TF2 TrickJump Video

    seen it already haha here is a good one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SN7j_evWrRE
  20. sam


    dude even if you click on the link it is safe but don't put your id or password anywhere because steam never asks for your id or password... even if someone gives you a link to google.com it will open up saying that warning.. so cheeel 8)
  21. sam

    Old Demo Playback

    Yea EXActly
  22. sam

    teh colors r making me bliiiiiiiiind

    dude the original text had the youtube link i dint see it i am removing it wait why should i it looks cool coz you think i feel cooool always why not YEA i am shameless .. its not advertising you ... try not to criticize every single shit you see ...... else your eyes will become black . I am proud to advertise regards..
  23. sam

    teh colors r making me bliiiiiiiiind

    3:58 PM - warning123: a drunk guy and a guy thats high on drugs went to the train station and found the train moving , they both ran towarsd the train the drunk guy was faster and he reached the train .... 3:58 PM - warning123: the guy thats high on drugs couldnt reach the train because of how much he was laughing... »dRz.•??7.Pez is now Offline. 3:58 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: >.> 3:58 PM - warning123: they asked him why are u laughing 3:59 PM - warning123: he said that stupid fucked was here to say farewell to me lol 3:59 PM - warning123: fuckr 3:59 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: LOL 3:59 PM - warning123: lol 3:59 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3:59 PM - warning123: arabic joke 3:59 PM - warning123: i just translated it 3:59 PM - warning123: from my phoen 3:59 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 3:59 PM - warning123: wait want to hear more? 3:59 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: nah 3:59 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: 3:59 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: well if you have one 3:59 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: then why not 4:00 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: do you like this gradient http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYZ2mSLAQHM&feature=channel 4:00 PM - »dRz.•??7.Pez: blueish one on top 4:00 PM - warning123: a guy whos high on drugs said to hes wife whats wrong with ur pussy last night 4:00 PM - warning123: she said what ? , he said it was very tight 4:00 PM - warning123: he askes w'ere where u sleeping last night 4:00 PM - warning123: she said on ur right 4:01 PM - warning123: he said damn i fucked the boy