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    1. How does that effects anyone......... ?its my wish if i like the frag and want to render it out.... 2. Its just i am pro wannabe i accept it..... how does it spread hatred ? 3. Medics are disgusting 4. I don't give a fuck if you give attention.....
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    hmmm' date=' les have 1on1, tell me the place, date and time.. If u can come here im ready anytime or if u want it in ur place i will try to come during holidays.. :demoman: Cheers. [/quote'] FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! So bright you live in bengal okay lets fight there
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    LOL :>

    Everything was just normal and when i entered an arena server this happened *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : we got an afk sniper guy *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : and a stupid engi *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : and an idiot engi *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : tell blu engi to go cap *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : sogh *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : SIGH *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : uinstall your tf2 you faggot *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : un* *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LOL THIS IS AWESOME ] record pwned Recording to pwned.dem... *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : go kill him damn it *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : >.> *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : :> *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : plz *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LOL this is how a fucking engi can empty the server *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : does someone have him in the list? *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : i wanna be an owning demo again *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : =< *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : doesnt this server kick afk ppl? ] mp_disable_autokick *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : prob not *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : gay gay *SPEC* 8er : help *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : ROFL *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : THIS IS DISGUSTING *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : i bet they friends *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : lol *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LOL *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : this sounds likle *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : roomba griefing *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : :<> *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : yep *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : it may be *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : i think they both afk *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : kik *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : lol *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : the engi has +crouch and + attack *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : on *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : SGIHHGH *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LAOL *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : THIS IS SO COOL *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : fagget Aztecs // Venom connected *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : dumb fuck server as well +> *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : since how long has he been doing this? r0.rE`` connected *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : ummm *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : OMG *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : start of match *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : OMG *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : they are all bots *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LOL *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : WE ARE IDIOTS *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : >.> *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LOL *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LOL Mr.Cuddles connected *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : now what *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : ? *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : WE GOT OWNED r0.rE`` connected Kiren connected *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : LETS LEAVE *DEAD* {MUK}Saltydog : ywes *SPEC* PnoiD. oWL/Airshot/pR.cyn« : sigh
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    (TEAM) Trauma : who wana med yuko changed team state to Ready Funfun : funfun? (TEAM) E = mc² | pR.cyn` : not me (TEAM) Trauma : zach me scout, des rple solly, cherry demo rest med This is why i got banned from sh This account is banned for being a pubic nuisance (excessive abusive behavior towards other players) on multiple occasions, a violation of the rules clearly stated on all our servers. In addition, there are reports of this account repeating the same offence and disrupting pickup matches on multiple occasions as well after the first ban is lifted. We have zero tolerance policies against troublemakers and we do not entertain unban request for accounts that are banned for a 2nd time. I suggest you go play elsewhere or get another account and not repeat the same mistakes again. fku you organize pickups instead of playing bball fkuuuuuuuuuuuu and post announcements Trauma changed team state to Ready (TEAM) E = mc² | pR.cyn` : i am not going to medic E = mc² | pR.cyn` changed team state to Not Ready (TEAM) E = mc² | pR.cyn` : wTF (Voice) 96# rple: Go! Go! Go! (ALL) ADMIN: then spec E = mc² | pR.cyn` : okay Player E = mc² | pR.cyn` joined team Spectator i said no dint i cherry who i picked to medic on gully did some things on purpose like getting me killed 9999999999999999999... times and letting me die even if he had uber xD and bright if you mind me capping then join in instead of being a disgusting noob in the spec... and its better not to waste time Just SAY if you have any fucking problem...and its about flaunting over the net... I dont mind meeting you in real life and beating the crap out of you xD
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    Asiafortress 1000FPS server

    Instead of 1000 fps it can be 500 fps !
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    This is the good part of the bad....looking forward to it! bad as it about to end and good as we its going to really great
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    Density by airshot

    I wanted to video to be long lol
  10. sam

    May 27, Hunt bigfoot day!

    awidaiwdaiwdaiwdi ndoawdoamdomoapdpa,wdp hi bro good photo and cool story bro
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    Asiafortress 1000FPS server

    there's the solution
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    Asiafortress 1000FPS server

    cFosspeed is quite and alternative. It helps in traffic shaping and helps to get over lag, it worked for me at least. I know FPS of that server machine doesn't depend on traffic shaping or networking but still helps a bit and if you have high-end machines then you must put -high in tf2 set launch options it prioritizes TF2 more and less to the background applications. I will be glad if it helps... and if possibly we could reduce the server slots then it would be better because findings from last two moths of running two 32 slot servers on one dedicated box. Hardware: 2Gb RAM, Opteron 1216 2.4 Ghz Dual core, Win 2003 , 10 MBit up/down . I dont included fast respawn in these calculations as they make small defference in overall load when I look at the server. Related config vars: sv_minrate 5000 sv_maxrate 30000 sv_minupdaterate 10 sv_maxupdaterate 66 sv_mincmdrate 10 sv_maxcmdrate 66 My hourly bandwidth usage for 2 full 32 slot servers: 5.7 - 6.9 Mbps (rate) - 2.1 - 2.4 Gb / hour upload (to the clients) 1.2 - 1.5 Mbps (rate) - 0.5 - 0.6 Gb / hour download (to server) Do roughly you're looking at: 38.4 MB / hour / slot upload + 9.34 MB / hour / slot download = 48.74 MB. 24 slots * 48.74 MB / hour = 1169.76 MB / hour 1169.76 * 24 hours = 28074.24 MB / day 28074.24 * 31 days = 870301.44 MB / month or ~ 849 GB. I find that you will not even come close to that worst case. Monthly bandwidth will hover around 60-80% of theoretical max, unless you're doing a full packed server 24hrs a day. As far as CPU goes, my setup doesn't peak the CPU usage above 65% and that's with the server handling Mysql and a website for the TF2 stuff. If you want more accurate findings you will have to experiment yourself or get a hold of actual data for your hardware . Good luck . 355 k bits = around 40 k bytes so 40 divided by 4 = 10 players Find out the server upstream bandwidth and get it into k bytes divide it by 4 or to be precise 5 since the amount of data required by the player would be high so that the ticks dont go like for a 1000 fps server it should be tick - tick - tick - tick - tick - tick - tick - tick - tick - tick - miss. but this server is like tick - miss - miss - miss - miss - tick - miss - tick - tick - miss - tick :\
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    Col. players CFG's

    fail thread delete it lol
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    On a lighter note

    Brilliant !~ I loved it something so creative
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    Go ahead.
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    Its not about the refusing its about why do we pick the same people to medic again and again i remember picking ch3rry as a medic on gully and he did uberwasting on purpose xD
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    yea but it is a frag movie not a grammar tutorial xD lol jk
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    Lost to cooller what a shame :X
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    I second this. Um basically this community has fucked up people, the only way to get out of being a medic is be pro this is why i tried helping you out with technical stuff but if you find it irrelevant and ignore it you will step into misery.... Div left tf2 and has moved towards a warmer quake live community, he finds things pleasant there and so do i.... Provides insight towards the ongoings and nature of competitive play and why people rage and make your mom jokes. magik you are a fag as usual
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    Your tf2 cfg/hud

    Better try this if you use the competitive.cfg For more scripts go to http://tf2wiki.net/wiki/General_scripts How did i help you o_O and yea a tip cl_smooth 0 shows exact world position though if it is jittery for you keep it at whatever you want to
  21. wtf magik you posted M3333333333333 in every server's side??? 6 ,7 :|
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    TF2Turbo Skillout

    there are big maps like mariokart
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    # ikpure 6 days ago i loved the frags ikpure 6 days ago # Breezer73541 6 days ago great skill, but the choice of music would be better. Breezer73541 6 days ago # supersamsamsam1212 6 days ago Sigh when you idiots realize he is not hacking you will be ashamed :\ supersamsamsam1212 6 days ago # FourForces 6 days ago its aimbot lol, if you see close FourForces 6 days ago # beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1 1 week ago Amazing hax there bro, one day i hope to hack as much as you and be considered amazing. Also how retarded is your team? they take so long to kill everyone on gran last you have enough time to show off how good your hacking really is, congrats retard beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee1 1 week ago # HeyItsJonaveil 1 week ago If I ever faced him, I'll be raped horriblly with flying colors. HeyItsJonaveil 1 week ago # playersixtynine69 1 week ago and Jh was his mentor yeh? playersixtynine69 1 week ago # supersamsamsam1212 1 week ago You fucking retards he doesnt hack i have played with him he's just a pro sniper with 800+ hours of sniping supersamsamsam1212 1 week ago # brennantaris 1 week ago errr definite cheater brennantaris 1 week ago # PHDrocker 1 week ago you hack and make frag movies, i have aids and donate blood.