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Recruiting New 6's Team

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Hi, I'm recruiting for a new team called Abomination Nation. Looking for the following positions: 

Pocket Soldier 
Roaming Soldier 

Subs for all


Don't apply to be a Demoman or Roaming soldier unless you have some good rocket/sticky jumping abilities. Ideal applicants for all positions have around 500 hours or more of experience, and know all of the basics of TF2. 
I'm not looking for experienced 6s players, this team will be a mix of newbies and maybe a couple veterans. We're just going to be playing to gain experience and become better TF2 players, while trying to have fun. We may also join AFC and UGC. If you're new to 6's, I can help you with learning the basics. 
Tryouts will include some rounds of MGE practice and some Rocket Jump courses.
By the way, if this post is bringing up any deja vu for you, that is because I made a similar post a month ago, however due to some internet issues I had to cancel my progress on making a new team. This month I should be able to dedicate myself to organizing a team. If you were one of the people from the old team, and wish to tryout for this team, let me know. 
Please comment on my profile and add me on Steam if you want to join: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198001641724

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