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// 0:Random 1:Scout 2:Soldier 3:Pyro 4:Demoman 5:Heavy 6:Engineer 7:Medic 8:Sniper 9:Spy

bind kp_end "joinclass scout"
bind kp_downarrow "joinclass soldier"
bind kp_pgdn "joinclass pyro"
bind kp_leftarrow "joinclass demoman"
bind kp_5 "joinclass heavyweapons"
bind kp_rightarrow "joinclass engineer"
bind kp_home "joinclass medic"
bind kp_uparrow "joinclass sniper"
bind kp_pgup "joinclass spy"
bind kp_ins "joinclass random"


// Type "prec" in console to unload P-REC; type again to reload.
// You MUST unload P-REC before you open Casual or Competitive Mode Menu.

alias prec "prec_unload"
alias prec_unload "plugin_unload prec;plugin_print;alias prec prec_reload"
alias prec_reload "plugin_load addons/prec;plugin_print;alias prec prec_unload;exec binds"


// Press <KEY> for winger auto-switch & jump.

// Auto-Crouch Jump
alias +rj "spec_mode;-duck;+cr;alias checkrj +cr"
alias -rj "-cr;checkduck;alias checkrj none"
alias +crouch "-cr;+duck;alias checkduck +duck"
alias -crouch "-duck;checkrj;alias checkduck none"
alias checkduck none
alias checkrj none
alias +cr "+jump;+duck"
alias -cr "-duck;-jump"
alias none ""

// Winger Switch & Jump Script
alias +wjump "slot2; use tf_weapon_handgun_scout_secondary; use tf_weapon_secondary; +rj"
alias -wjump "slot1; use tf_weapon_scattergun; -rj"
bind <KEY> "+wjump"

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