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Found 6 results

  1. Yo I'm an australian surfer in tf2 and pretty much the only decent skillsurf server I can find is the UCC surf server. I noticed there's an AsiaFortress surf server that usually has 0 people in it. It seems to constantly run a tier 3 surf map called surf_ember, and I'm not sure how to change the map. /votemenu allows me to select a vanilla tf2 map such as badlands or viaduct, but the server never has enough people to vote behind the map change anyway. /rtv just straight up doesn't work. I thought beating the map could do something, but after I capped the control point, it just sent me back to the start. Does anyone know how to change the map? This server seems great with it's plugins, but I don't want to be doomed to surf the same surf map over and over again. Thanks.
  2. I personally find that my play style is mainly based around countering the enemy's initiation, and not initiating myself unless I am forced to. In MGE, I find myself counter-jumping a lot and using melee weapons. When I use such tactics, the enemy would start telling me to stop melee-ing or counter-jumping them. If they wanna practice pipes, and don't want me to use stickies, that's understandable, but if they are forcing me to stop utilizing my play style, it's impossible to win, or even come close. What I'd like to know is, why counter-jumping is not allowed and should I even be listening to them???? Thank you in advance.
  3. Er hey guys! I've been pugging in AFL for awhile now, but I've never really publicly asked the community what they think of me XD If anyone could point out a few of my weaknesses and tips on how to improve, I'd be really happy So please feel free to constructively criticise me, and do have a nice day
  4. NoirSuede

    Mumble in PUG

    So, after i enable mumble before i activate the game and connect to the af server, and after that managed to get into a team in the AF PUG, how do i connect the mumble so that i can talk with the rest of my team ? Does it connect automatically or do i have to get out of the game and connect it myself to the corresponding team i'm in ?
  5. Alright then, so I've been messing around with my cl_interp quite a bit recently, and I have a few basic questions to ask (cuz im a newb). So here it is: 1. What does it change/do? 2. How to set up an optimum cl_interp for each class? 3. Will it affect your aiming and gameplay? Will your aim become inconsistent that way? 4. Is it recommended to often change your cl_interp? 5. Is it about the server your connected to? And how would you change your cl_interp in different servers? The reason I asked these questions, is that I keep changing my cl_interp, hoping to get a better aim that way. Somehow, each time I open TF2, I can't aim with the previous cl_interp I used. For me, wierdly, I can aim better when I changed my cl_interp to another value. And then somehow, the next time I open TF2, I need yet another cl_interp to aim better. I just feel strange to change the cl_interp everytime I open TF2. It might also be the reason that I have inconsistent aim, or the other way round, that I need to constantly change cl_interp as I have inconsistent aim. These are the values I most commonly use: cl_interp 0.02 cl_interp 0.034 cl_interp 0.0134 cl_interp 0 If I remember, I got the value cl_interp 0 from Fuzz. Extra question: Whats interp ratio? How on earth is it related to the above cl_interp? Thanks for taking your time reading this. And hopefully an early thank you for your answer. - Badaimer / TOTAL TRYHARD P.S. sorz for bad engleesh.
  6. Pls help here, Need guidance as to HL tactics for any class (all rounded) , maybe join team as well