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Found 1 result

  1. Deaglebunny

    Competitive Map Pool

    Heya guys. Bunny here =). I've been thinking about how the competitive scene in Asia has been playing a lack of variety of maps. Honestly, there isn't a problem with the little amount of the maps but really, if you think about it, playing badlands , granary and one of my personal favourites, gullywash gets boring after awhile. I know the scene in Asia isn't really that big as compared to Europe or America but the lack of variety in the maps we play is really a cause for concern for the scene since people don't come up with new strategies or have to think of a new way to counter something. eg : a sniper? a kritz push? an uber push? All I've seen in the scene is always the same tactics in badlands or granary. There really isn't anything fresh in the scene anymore. Seeing an uber combo from mid or kritz combo going through choke in badlands, it gets kind of old. Why not try something new? Something like CTF? Payload? maybe new maps? I know CTF is a little tanky and takes quite a long amount of time to win but it STILL is 30 minutes. What I propose is have the community play something fresh, stop playing maps in the same map pool. They really promote nothing. Playing new maps require people to re-strategise or think about the situation they are in. CTF promotes plenty of those and even more for thinking than for dming so if a team thinks better while the other dms better, the team that thinks better would benefit more since they know what's going on. As compared to the team with high dm capabilities. I know the asian scene is all about dming but if you think about it, strategy is also an important aspect of competitive gaming for tf2. Therefore I think that CTF will help make people stop thinking all about the dm, and more about the strategy, as well as improve people's thinking in certain situations for different maps since they'll be developing new ones as they progress in their 'career'. tl;dr , make asian players think more, that's the point of competitive, it isn't a pub anymore, it's a higher skill level, it is not longer a 6v6 pub, it is a 6v6 strategy game. Thanks for reading.