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Found 1 result

  1. Morgan

    Morgans Guide to Life

    In an effort to give back to the community before my eventual departure. I present to you MORGAN'S GUIDE TO LIFE This Guide will help you to become a better player and which is vitally more important, a better human being. If you are able to ignore my extreme narcissism and heavenly aura of awesomeness, if you are able to put down your pride and accept that you suck and need to get better. THIS GUIDE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE There has lately been a influx of good for nothing, lazy, arrogant, rude, disrespectful and sometimes just plain retarded joining our community. All of which sit around waiting to be spoon-fed! WELL GUESS WHAT ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! NO SHIT! THINGS YOU NEED TO WORK ON 1) BE PROACTIVE AND DON'T BE A COWARD When I started playing TF2 in APRIL 2012 ( YEA THAT'S RIGHT LESS THEN A YEAR AGO ) I was SHIT. what did I do about it? I didn't complain I didn't whine I didn't sit back and wait for divine grace to make me a better player. You think you got it harsh when you play PUGS now? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! I came from the age where doing anything even remotely retarded earned you a solid spanking from the likes of K1 and our past trolls like Choc,Bunny and OBV. Criticism should DRIVE you to improve. Take the anger take the hate and use it mold yourself into a better player. To get myself better I sat in the PUG servers everyday. Whenever I wanted to play I went out and formed myself a PUG. Everyone who was around would know that whenever you needed a PUG I was the one to approach. I worked RELENTLESSLY. And guess what? HALF THE TIME I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO PLAY IN PUGS I STARTED. OMG YES I KID YOU NOT. Did I complain? NO! DID I GIVE UP? NO. I would sit in the server and watch others reap the benefits of my own hard labor. But i watched them play so that I could improve. I would often play medic round after round just so I could gather game experience. Boring YES shameless YES did it work? YES. 2) PLAY WITH PEOPLE BETTER THEN YOURSELF AND GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. After I progressed from playing PUGS and got a little better I started organizing my own scrims. I would often Stack my teams with Players much above my skill level. Players like SUMMER, NATAPON,MM, and ZACH. These guys can be douches in Game. I KID YOU NOT SOMETIMES THEY ARE ABSOLUTE JERKS. But guess what? I didn't mind being the one dragging the team down or constantly getting scolded. Because by playing with people so much better then myself I learnt and learnt fast. 3) ITS NOT ABOUT MGE BUT NEITHER IS MGE UNIMPORTANT I see people dissing on MGE all the time. "MGE HEROES are useless in scrims", "MGE SPOILS YOUR GAME PLAY" or my favorite from NATAPON himself "FUCK MGE". ITS A FREAKING BALANCE OF BOTH! You can have excellent gamesense but if you cant kill shit then WHATS THE FREAKING POINT. MGE IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR ROAD TO IMPROVEMENT! Classic example is my best friend Tharnos. GOD OF MGE FOR AGES BUT NO TEAM WOULD TOUCH HIM. Why you ask? 6 months ago any player would tell you tharnos was all aim no brain. He could kill anything but had the gamesense of a squirrel. When I formed Allstars he started picking up the meta game and experience he was lacking. With guidance and mentoring look at him now. THE GUY IS A BEAST AND COULD POSSIBLY BE ONE OF THE BEST POCKET SOLDIERS IN ASIA. MYSELF,PINKIEPIE,SUMMER AND THARNOS. WE ALL MGE ALL THE TIME. Having a high level of DM is what makes us great. SO GO AND MGE. (EVEN Z COULD TRASH MOST OF YOU ON SPIRE YOU NOOBS) 4)HAVE SOME RESPECT SOME OF YOU LITTLE TURDS HAVE NO RESPECT. Shit i cant emphasize this enough. Understand that SKILL/DM/SENIORITY should not decide how you treat people. This goes to new and old player alike. Learn to respect other players and be humble. Players like QJYAP,SALTS,SNOWWIE(to some extent),teddybar and DQ (just to name a few) stop dissing on new players. You are in no way good enough yet to even attempt to give them criticism. Teddybar and DQ are actually quite good friends of mine, but dissing on new/inexperienced players is what kills a community and shouldn't be tolerated. 5)LISTEN TO THE ADMINS AND STOP GIVING THEM A HARD TIME. AND FFS STOP OFFCLASSING. If you wanna offclass go join highlander. There are obvious situations where offclassing is just retarded so STOP BEING A MORON. NO ADMIN WANTS TO HAVE TO KICK YOU. NO ONE WANTS TO BAN YOU. But by acting like morons you put us in difficult situations leaving us no choice. Retarded statements like "YOU THINK YOU ADMIN YOU BIG AH", "YOU ADMIN KICK ME LAH" are nothing more then futile attempts to engorge your tiny E-penis. And we will kick you and we will ban you. 6)INVEST INVEST INVEST I'm not talking about money, i'm talking about TIME. I've watched hundreds of demos to improve my gamesense. Hours of MGE to improve my DM. Loads of scrims to gain experience. I see tons of you with 4k-5k hours of gameplay with almost ZERO improvement. I have less then 1.5K hours and im already Local Div 1. IT MEANS YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG SO MAKE A DAMN ADJUSTMENT 7)ACCEPT THE RAGGING, ENJOY THE GAME AND HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF. DONT RAGE Everyone tells me Im shit. Spammah,nata,tharnos,aycan,z,summer,halu but does it affect me? NO! Every game you are going to play is going to have ragging. I know they mean well in the end and its all for fun. When they give me actual good advice I listen and learn. AND I HAVE FUN PLAYING. Summer is one player who gets exceptionally moody, ever since he joined our team he has "COLD RAGED" on numerous occasions but I always make him snap out of it. HE IS A INFINITELY BETTER PLAYER NOW BECAUSE OF IT. RAGING GETS YOU NO WHERE AND AFFECTS YOUR TEAM. If you are not having fun you are not going to play well simple as that. Don't let doubters affect you as long as you are doing the right thing. 8)JUST BECAUSE IT WORKS FOR SOMEONE ELSE DOESN'T MEAN IT WILL WORK FOR YOU Time and time again I see this problem. Players watch pro teams like Mix^ and LG and try to mimic what they do. YES YOU CAN LEARN A LOT FROM THEM BUT IT MIGHT NOT ALL BE SUITABLE FOR YOU. Understand that no 2 teams have the same dynamic. Any strategies and plays that you use have to take into account the strength and weaknesses of your team. A little secret that the community doesn't know.I AM THE MAIN CALLER FOR ALLSTARS(HOW CAN A SCOUT WITH THE LOWEST LEVEL OR EXPERIENCE CALL YOU ASK?). Are you like "WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Yes I am. To Quote BRAN, "IF THAT IS TRUE SOMETHING IS FUNDAMENTALLY WRONG" Well he is WRONG. It works well for us but it might not work well for you. You and your team need to find your own play style that capitalizes on your strengths. i.e Allstars play super aggressive due to superior DM. DON'T FOLLOW BLINDLY! 9) TEAM SPIRIT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING Many people wonder why at ALLSTARS we do so many things differently. We have our own website, matching tags,matching display pictures. The hipsters among you laugh and scorn us. But guess what? IT ALL BUILDS UNITY AND SPIRIT WHICH IS VITAL TO A TEAM. Why spend so much effort and time on matching unusuals and matching costumes? We look and feel more like a team. It scares your opponents and gives you a sense of belonging. It makes you feel SPECIAL. SUMMER our resident hipster has a problem with the cool faerie wings he is required to wear. Well guess what he will wear them or he wont play. We don't care if we lose because of it. WHY? If he is willing to throw away a competition because he is 2cool to be part of the team, that is his cross to bear. PLAYERS TO BE COMMENDED 1)Crimson fire bird. ( You have a great attitude to learning. do not mind that others laugh at you for being enthusiastic. you are following the right path and will only improve in time) 2)Cuteboy ( Proactive and willing to learn keep it up ) 3)Joe ( What you are doing for the community is admirable ) 4)Fuzz ( You may be absolutely horrible at times, but even though misguided your efforts im improving the community are commendable ) 4)Cand and Cam ( Sticking with the community for so long and never hesitating to help ) 5)thelousy (shit i have no idea who you are but thumbs up for the decication ) 6)spammah ( all said and done... <3) Until I have more delightful insights i shall end my post here. Screw grammar,punctuation and vocab