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  1. archaion`

    Singapore Sales Job

    if you want to lose friends and make money just get a degree in finance
  2. archaion`

    Rage part 2

    classic gamon
  3. archaion`

    Rage part 2

    you should be banned from breathing
  4. archaion`

    Singapore vs New Zealand - TONIGHT!

    no one is going anywhere with a levels ib is where its fucking at
  5. archaion`

    Singapore vs New Zealand - TONIGHT!

    ROFL a-levels no future there kids
  6. archaion`

    c` have qualified for owl3, div3 semifinals!!

    also for food stamps
  7. archaion`

    exhaust config + hud

    also fwiw if youre going to even try and make yourself sound smart please learn english first just sayin
  8. archaion`

    exhaust config + hud

  9. archaion`

    exhaust config + hud

    oh right you meant cl_independentphysics not 'interdependent physics' just fyi you should probably stop trying to teach yourself about video games and start teaching yourself the english language
  10. archaion`

    exhaust config + hud

    ok help me out i dont see what cl_interdependentphysics does or if you have any idea about what you are talking about
  11. archaion`

    exhaust config + hud

    'interdependent physics' is that something that exists or are you just making shit up again
  12. archaion`

    Another Event with Priss! (and other hot babes)

    i approve of this event. here is my stamp of approval. WHITE POWER I'M FUCKING GAY (FOR WHITE POWER) WHITE POWER I'M FUCKING GAY (FOR WHITE POWER)
  13. archaion`

    Korean TF2 cheater caught

    ahhaha korea WHITE POWER
  14. archaion`

    india-Quakelive Updated(maps)

    should i change that to 'not a horrible useless idiot asian count'? it's still 0.