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  1. vvitazz

    [Week 3 Round 6] The High Class vs. PGTF2

    we will play our match today 8:30 on the 13th of december. arcadia from ikeas stickeys will merc for the high class. pgtf2 aggred on that, thanks guys !
  2. vvitazz

    [Week 3 Round 5] cRs vs. The High Class

    we pick cp_freight_final. tie breaker will be cp_obscure_final
  3. vvitazz

    [Week 3 Round 5] cRs vs. The High Class

    since 12 hours have passed we eliminate both maps. we elim koth_ashville_rc1 & cp_snakewater
  4. vvitazz

    [Week 3 Round 6] The High Class vs. PGTF2

    we pick cp_gullywas_final1
  5. thc won 1st map 2-1 against happy face thc won second map 6-2 against happyface
  6. confirm, high class won both maps. confirm high class won both maps. thanks for the game guys !
  7. confirm we got tottaly raped. our so demo and soldier didnt show up so we needed a sub.
  8. we eliminate cp_warmfront and pick cp_gullywash_final1. tie breaker will be koth_pro_viaduct_rc3. the time&date will be on the 27 nov 8:45.
  9. To be played by: Thursday, 1st December Scheduled date: Sat 26th nov 9pm Home Team Eliminates: thc elim cp_snakewater Away Team Elminates: ikea elim cp_freight_final Home Team Pick: thc picks cp_badlands Away Team Pick: ikea picks cp_obscure_final Tie Breaker Map: koth_ashville_rc1 Results:
  10. Team Name and Team Tag: The High Class Division: 2 Country of Origin: Singapore Steam Group URL: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/THCCCC Member list including steamid: 1)disco penguin (team captain) STEAM_0:1:1659525 2)vvitaz STEAM_0:0:33034895 3)cyne STEAM_0:1:27450429 4)basalt STEAM_0:1:38876576 5)yeast STEAM_0:0:31691466 6)ricolee STEAM_0:1:5364018 7)pharg STEAM_0:1:17617440 8)laoben STEAM_0:0:35633802 9)mel STEAM_0:0:16575358 Team Representative or Point of Contact: vvitaz http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026335518
  11. vvitazz

    Top 5 AsiaFortress Plays!