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  1. fate

    Gauging interest in FACEIT

    shit how did I post so many
  2. fate

    AsiaFortress Cup 12: Player Ban

    wow and to think that moo is lft div 2
  3. fate

    LFP Demo and Medic DIV 3

    We are looking for these roles: Main Demo Main Medic Sub Demo Sub Medic Sub Scout Sub Soldier strikethrough means full contact us at steamcommunity.com/id/analphasniper or http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198174804621/ (hellbound and sterhyp) looking to participate in afc 13 div 3 thanks requirements: able to play gmt +8 9pm discord a bit of toxicity is fine, not too much willing to listen to critiscm maincall if have to
  4. fate

    LFT scout div 3

    Looking for team div 3 scout (am also very good at sniper fyi, can run sniper full time :o) pm me here on in asiafortress discord (hellbound) (will reply within 1 day) have a nice day