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  1. hello. we are two NA plat players (named duckrider32 and freelander) who would like to main OR sub in Asia fortress. We both have relatively decent ping to your severs. looking for a div1 or div2 team experience: i have won NA platinum once and in my most recent season gotten second. Both on scout i also have other seasons getting 2nd in gold on demo man and other wealth of experience in 6s as both soldier and scout. freelander has multiple plat seasons on demo/soldier/and heavy here is my UGC page: https://www.ugcleague.com/players_page.cfm?player_id=76561198174677326 here is my friends UGC page: https://www.ugcleague.com/players_page.cfm?player_id=76561198061979880 Add me here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rainfanclub