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  1. Divine won reckoner 5-3 http://logs.tf/1815302#76561198135385562 Hidden egos won product 4-1 http://logs.tf/1815336#76561198135385562 ggs and good season guys!
  2. 1st map tied 1-1 http://logs.tf/1811204#76561198135385562 (badlands) 2nd map Divine wins 3-0 http://logs.tf/1811218#76561198135385562 (granary) ggs!
  3. Divine won first map 6-1 http://logs.tf/1810418#76561198135385562 2nd map tied 3-3 http://logs.tf/1810451#76561198135385562 ( Divine had to play 5v6 because 1 of our players had to go) Divine used our last 2 merc slots on lacuna and zysf so Divine can no longer use mercs
  4. match has been confirmed 5pm gmt+8 sunday 安倍晋三: wait 安倍晋三: ok 安倍晋三: sunday 17:00pm gmt+8 Cloracle: yeah
  5. 5pm gmt+8 on sunday good for you guys?
  6. ok match might be played tonight at 9pm (gmt+8)
  7. We've contacted apples as well
  8. Also I would like to point out h1ro is still playing in Divine. We told Houdini to remove him from transfer window 5 times. We also have proof that h1ro wants to stay in divine
  9. We will try see if we can play on 8. If we can't we might have to postpone the match to next week.
  10. Hi, Would Sunday 5pm (gmt8+) be a good time for you guys?
  11. Divine used 1 merc which was bann
  12. Divine won process 5-0 http://logs.tf/1799391#76561198307700283 Divine won product 4-2 http://logs.tf/1799410#76561198307700283 ggs
  13. Yes the match will be on sunday 6:00pm (gmt8)
  14. No divine hasn't disbanded. We are telling Houdini to remove us from transfer window.