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  1. Famcy

    Round 3: OTCD vs 6nubs

    Can we book shana 3 or use AFL #0 or #1?
  2. Famcy

    Round 1: Teme Machines vs OTCD

    My ping sucks there can we change to afl sv?
  3. Famcy

    Ban Appeals

    Name: famcy Profile link: http://www.steamcommunity.com/id/fmcytf2 reason why i got banned: for dodging medic reason why should i get unbanned: im sorry for what I did. I didnt notice I was the 12th one joined and the I quitted. Im sorry for what I did and I promise it wont be done again
  4. Famcy

    Ban Appeals

    name: famcy steam id:STEAM_0:1:86589134 why I got banned: banned for medic dodging why should I get banned: I am sorry for my action. I promise I won't do it again. But besides, I didn't really remember why I got banned, admin himari told that I got banned for medic dodging, but I remember all of what I did is I joined a wrong pug server then I didn't relized that I was the one that started the match, then I disconected.