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  1. -ideknoo

    Division 3

    Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: xdstalememesSteamID64: 76561198085465277Logs: http://logs.tf/2117129#76561198085465277 - Week 1 http://logs.tf/2117156#76561198085465277 - Week 1  Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: HemstarSteamID64: 76561198065154855Logs: http://logs.tf/2117129#76561198065154855 - Week 1 http://logs.tf/2117156#76561198065154855 - Week 1 Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: -ideknooSteamID64: 76561198132604281Logs: http://logs.tf/2117129#76561198132604281 - Week 1 http://logs.tf/2117156#76561198132604281 - Week 1 Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: :ely:SteamID64: 76561198145237469Logs: http://logs.tf/2117129#76561198145237469 - Week 1 http://logs.tf/2117156#76561198145237469 - Week 1 Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: h4zeSteamID64: 76561198133052510Logs: http://logs.tf/2117129#76561198133052510 - Week 1 http://logs.tf/2117156#76561198133052510 - Week 1 Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: raveSteamID64: 76561198443417628Logs: http://logs.tf/2127064#76561198443417628 - Week 3 http://logs.tf/2127083#76561198443417628 & http://logs.tf/2127099#76561198443417628 - Week 3 Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: kezzieSteamID64: 76561198059634595Logs: http://logs.tf/2141572#76561198059634595 - Week 6 http://logs.tf/2141595#76561198059634595 - Week 6 Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: crybabySteamID64: 76561198063333017Logs: http://logs.tf/2127064#76561198063333017 - Week 3 http://logs.tf/2127083#76561198063333017 & http://logs.tf/2127099#76561198063333017 - Week 3 Team Name: SignaturedPlayer Name: jyuuSteamID64: 76561198192388718Logs: http://logs.tf/2117129#76561198192388718 - Week 1 http://logs.tf/2117156#76561198192388718 - Week 1
  2. -ideknoo

    Round 7: Cute Little Sister 6s vs Signatured

    process - snr wins 5-3 - http://logs.tf/2145339 prolands - snr wins 5-0 - http://logs.tf/2145362 mercs used: cls used rustic - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198237366642 gg bye weeks are fair and should totally be counted towards making playoffs /s
  3. -ideknoo

    Round 6: Butter Fan Club vs Signatured

    sunshine - bfc won 4-2 - http://logs.tf/2141572 process - bfc won 3-2 - http://logs.tf/2141595 mercs used: snr used uniqly/bunnyy during first map - https://steamcommunity.com/id/bunnyy42/ bfc used Eclipse - https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ecl1ps46/ gege
  4. -ideknoo

    Round 5: Signatured vs CutieFroggie

    snakewater - snr wins 5-0 - http://logs.tf/2137606 sunshine - snr wins 6-1 - http://logs.tf/2137616 mercs used: cutiefroggie used caffeine - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198163926303/ gg
  5. -ideknoo

    Round 5: Signatured vs CutieFroggie

    match will be played on sunday 3pm
  6. -ideknoo

    Round 4: Wubwub's Team vs Signatured

    snakewater - snr won 6-1 - http://logs.tf/2131297 granary - snr won 6-3 - http://logs.tf/2131325 no mercs used by either team gg
  7. -ideknoo

    Round 4: Wubwub's Team vs Signatured

    whoops forgot to post about this match will be played tonight at 9:30pm, pure server 2
  8. -ideknoo

    Round 3: SB669 vs Signatured

    granary - snr wins 4-2 - http://logs.tf/2127064 product - sb669 wins 3-2 - http://logs.tf/2127083 and http://logs.tf/2127099 no mercs used gg
  9. -ideknoo

    Round 2: Signatured vs Anti-Clockwise

    no mercs used on either team btw ggs
  10. -ideknoo

    Round 2: Signatured vs Anti-Clockwise

    match confirmed for friday 9pm, shana 1
  11. -ideknoo

    Round 1: Signatured vs Divided As6mbly

    gullywash: snr won 6-2 http://logs.tf/2117129 badlands (cus afl server): snr won 4-1 http://logs.tf/2117156 no mercs used gg's
  12. -ideknoo

    AFC 13 Feedback Thread

    this looks alright on paper, but it doesnt put into account rostered subs that only get to sub in scrims as main players are available for matches. a workaround would be that leaders could decide at the end of the season which players in their roster should be given their medals, but even this suggestion has its flaws. i also personally believe that the roster size is fine as it is control over the problem of sandbagging has definitely improved over the previous seasons, but improvements can still be made. restricting players to only play certain classes in lower divisions definitely helps. and having leaders state which classes the higher div player would play in the "justification" section could and should be enforced for linear suggestions such as the changing of class limits and map votes (especially map votes), i suggest that admins could put up a survey (like what leagues such as ugc do), so that more community members could have a voice on what could be the best rule set / map pool / etc for the next season. this could better help the admins have a more decisive and confident decision. (this suggestion was partially inspired by that strawpoll in etf2l to remove reckoner from the map pool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  13. -ideknoo

    Round 4: Kawaii 0-5 vs ORCA

    confirmed, we give the forfeit win to ORCA.
  14. -ideknoo

    AFC 13 Transfer Window 1

    Player Name (with Steam ID & Steam URL): karamell / STEAM_1:0:116061495 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/potato520/ Original Team or Not Currently Participating: Game Over Destination Team: Kawaii 0-5 Destination Team Division: 2 Justification or Additional Notes: team revive 4 memes Player Name (with Steam ID & Steam URL): w4lker / STEAM_0:1:64099831 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/ThighHighsConnosisseur/ Original Team or Not Currently Participating: Absolute Territory Destination Team: Kawaii 0-5 Destination Team Division: 2 Justification or Additional Notes: sub 4 memes not leaving team anymore btw nvm team's dead im joining toucans btw
  15. -ideknoo

    Round 3: Game Over vs Kawaii 0-5

    Prolands - Game Over wins 3-1: http://logs.tf/1941636 Product - Game Over wins 3-2: http://logs.tf/1941657 Mercs used: Kawaii 0-5 used alden - http://steamcommunity.com/id/aldenwong/ Game Over used madkit - http://steamcommunity.com/id/madkit5986/ and JOK3R - http://steamcommunity.com/id/priusdbd/ gg