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  1. Summer


    Interested in joining my team? I left you a friend request on steam.
  2. Summer


    Wanna join my team as scouts?
  3. Summer

    Scout Wanted!

    Scout (Must be versatile enough to snipe as well) wanted for Team SWT, for AFL3. Interested applicants pm me either here or on steam. On steam, I'm B4nny. We're a fun team who will not rage when we lose, but help each other to improve. We'll be playing in Div-2.
  4. Summer

    about StarHub HamFortress servers~

    Not steel potties like foot
  5. Summer


    Just had a super awesome fun scrim with no med lololol
  6. Summer


    I don't hate playing medic, i only hate being medic for many consecutive rounds in a row (Since it's not my main class), and first post also included 0 communication during games, and not giving noobs a chance to play. Dunno how this became a purely medic ragefest actually. :S
  7. Summer


    Ch3rry = B4nny x 100
  8. Summer


    Is my skill level that low? I've been pugging for about half a year.
  9. Summer

    May 27, Hunt bigfoot day!

    insult? er, no?
  10. Summer


    It's a pickup, not a win-or-die match, give beginners a chance
  11. Summer


    Fu div i'll rape cecil when i see her
  12. Summer

    May 27, Hunt bigfoot day!

    I've been getting stomped all the time in bball by this guy?
  13. Summer

    On a lighter note

    This is retardedly funny.
  14. ill do it if you sing me a chinese song TONG HUA
  15. Rofl I hate playing medic cos when i'm getting my ass kicked i ask for help and i get no reply whatsoever.. haha. But oh well just a game
  16. Summer


    Dio can you hear me, i am lost and so alone.. I'm asking for your guidance, would you come down from your throne... I need a tight compodre, who would teach me how to rock. My father thinks you're evil but man he can suck a cock.
  17. Summer


    Wtf they signed Villa gg Madrid next season!
  18. Where's my name I was unbanned in March this year! Wtf i only got 71 hours in #5
  19. Summer

    Demoman Roundtable.

    Wtf copy b4nny copy my in-game name
  20. I used to be a regular last year everyday for about 3 months, then exams, then BANNED. So i dunno if i qualify as a "regular" =S
  21. Summer

    Chelsea - BPL Champions!

    Liverpool will destroy you all next season.
  22. Jr you can represent the Eclub team LOL