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  1. Cool. I'm hyped to pug with you guys.
  2. YoungDesk

    The Conclusion to AsiaFortress Cup 9!

    Oh, sweet! Can you link me to information about that?
  3. YoungDesk

    The Conclusion to AsiaFortress Cup 9!

    Anybody wanna tell me or link me to when the next season begins?
  4. YoungDesk


    Holy shit guys I am so excited, I just figured out my internet is good enough here in Zhuzhou, China that I can play tf2. I just figured I would have to take a year long hiatus when I moved here, but I am back baby. Anybody want to pub stomperino? Zhuzhou is pretty close to HK, so I figure I will get decent ping on most servers in and around HK. Also... asiafortress pugs, are they still a thing? Whats the time table on that shit? How do I figure out what level of play I am in asiafortress? I was silver in the NA scene. Maybe I would like to join a team at some point. Can someone link me to the season schedule? Thanks, add me fam. ^___^
  5. YoungDesk

    What's up guys

    Hey, I'm YoungDesk. I live in the United States right now, but I just signed a contract with a school in Zhuzhou, China to teach English. I wanted to introduce myself because I plan on signing up for asiafortress when I arrive around September. I currently play UGC Silver scout and medic. That's About Mid-open level by ESEA standards, I believe. Correct me if I am wrong. I like making new friends. I really love tf2, it's just a fun game and it has always held my interest. I really like China. I am not Chinese, but my family lived in Beijing for a year. I visited about 3 times and every time was an enjoyable experience. I can't wait to be back. If you want to add me and talk or whatever: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Industry1337/