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  1. asdas

    1. coconut


      hey u nvr response! wot is dis

  2. coconut

    Hi Hello Bye

  3. coconut

    Coming Soon: Masters of MGE

    no hackers pls ;]
  4. go to a pug server. !scrim. !password <your_password_here>. Change map you want. Invite friends. Insta soap dm
  5. coconut

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    disproportionately* you sound slightly ragey
  6. coconut

    Whitelist Changes

    m** he is not officially rostered but he is part of a div 3 team Tommy comes to mind as someone who should also be placed higher
  7. coconut

    IMPORTANT: Changes in AF PUG Servers

    sometimes when people are in my room I can't say what happened on mumble or voice chat so my best bet is to type. Also when i want my spot back when I crash, I can't say that I want my spot back if that person is not in mumble because I can't type in chat. Chat is a really important thing that helps some things happen in game and is pretty important for quick calls because things may get drowned in mumble. Also commands like vm, !sub, !replace also say that I should join mumble which is pretty weird
  8. coconut

    Whitelist Changes

    The subjectivity may make a lot of people unhappy so the admins have to try to take as much subjectivity out of it as possible
  9. coconut

    Whitelist Changes

    some people like the ever so cute *** play in div 3 at the moment but no one can deny that he is at least low div 1 to mid div 1. These people may not want to play in AFC competitions at a higher division but do have the competency to play easily in those divisions. You can't deny these people the privilege of playing in these higher level pugs solely due to their choice not to participate in the higher divisions so there must have to be way to determine the skill level of an applicant based on many factors and not only whether he or she has participated in the AFC League at a certain level. Finding a way to determine someone's skill level is hard. Furthermore, if it were to become arbitrarily defined, it may become prone to abuse. I think the current method is still the best, keeping AF 1-3 whitelisted, AF 4 open and AF 0 being an exclusive group that is based on both the player's ability and the willingness of other members to accept him or her into the group.
  10. coconut

    Whitelist Changes

    what's the criteria for assessing whether someone is div 2 or high div 2?
  11. coconut

    Poem for Leniency

    For god's sake I was just dicking around U must understand that I realise my mistake Can you please accept my apology for I have turned over a new leaf Knowingly or unknowingly I've suffered enough --- Your leniency on this matter is sought Only then can I resume in peace Under this misery, I would like to apologize once more for not being much more
  12. coconut

    Poem for Leniency

    So it dawns to find my identity U shall find out now Can I plead for an appeal, so that Killing sprees yet begin --- "May I receive leniency from the admins" Yearns my tender heart --- Doth I protest too much? Ignorance of course Click on the link below K, I'll say hello http://pug.asiafortress.com/sb/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=coconut&advType=name
  13. coconut

    Poem for Leniency

    U nid link to ban 2 ungayben me?