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  1. neeger

    Not enough logs?

    Thank you so much for your help. However, I still can't get into server 4: am I doing anything wrong? I'm using a Windows OS, I have a perfectly fine Steam Rep, etc. etc., what else do I need?
  2. neeger

    Not enough logs?

    Okay, I will. If there are any problems I will say so. Thank you.
  3. neeger

    Not enough logs?

    I mean to ask how exactly do you increase the number of logs on logs.tf if you can't join any of the AsiaFortress PUG servers? There's a minimum you need to get invited to Server 4 right? And how exactly can I join Servers 1-3? Every time I try I get a 'server not responding' notification. This is extremely annoying and I want to start, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Please reply as soon as possible. I want to start PUGing and I don't know how to fix this. Perhaps I am using the wrong OS, I don't know, but please help me.
  4. neeger

    Not enough logs?

    Help... No matter how much I try, I can't find any good places to play Highlander, 6v6, etc.. All the servers I get are public. I think I need a lot of PUGs to be invited to the group, but without playing these things, I don't have a chance... I'm new to this and I need someone to help me get on my feet. Please help, seriously. You will be eternally appreciated.
  5. neeger

    PUG Group Applications

    Name: Nagisa Furukawa Steam Account Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dangodangodaikazoku/ TF2 hours: 659 PUGs in server 4: I'm not sure of this exactly. LogsTF Profile:http://logs.tf/profile/76561198073466874 Banned in Asiafortress servers before?: Nope.avi Level of understanding the pug guidelines: Clearer than a tub of melted silicon dioxide.