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  1. Gema: Will quit when i have other priorities. I can stop this game anytime i want to when i have more important things to do, but after a long working day you can't expect me to like do something like go out or hit the gym when i reach home at 8+/9... And though i like reading too i much prefer playing Tf2 with my friends. Besides being a fun game, the people i play with make it all the more addictive..


    every addicted person says this

  2. utils are normally used in certain conditions:


    such as holding last with uber disadv = heavy or pyro (depends on map)




    pushing into last without uber disadv = sniper or spy (again depends on map)



    pushing into gran last for example:

    no uber disadv/adv

    need picks

    go sniper (gran last too big for spy)

    try and get a pick (they wont push on a one man sniper adv)


    mostly it is scouts that go util

    unless its a really scout dependant map


    hope it answers your questions