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    Please allow the Boston Basher :(

    you put the break in gamebreak
  2. deliaren

    Please allow the Boston Basher :(

  3. deliaren

    Passive me, Aggressive you vs Kuso Scout

    cant make it today man, kig its up 2 u
  4. deliaren


    suprise buttsex
  5. deliaren


    were on extv? 3:54
  6. deliaren

    Gamers United Launches New Servers in Singapore

    traceroute keeps changing for fuck
  7. deliaren

    Introduction thread!

    Hi, I'm cobalt im new not
  8. deliaren

    AMA tf2 config/setup

    sensitivity [sens here] in all your classes config for example my default sens is 0.7 to sensitivity for scout only you must put 'sensitivity 0.4' in your scout.cfg 'sensitivity 0.7' in your soldier.cfg, demoman.cfg and so-on
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    spammah's hand will be on his penis 25/7
  10. deliaren

    Quote Thread

    9:44 PM - Facecake #MLSS: Camou: I been to harsh on pubbers :| and I sweared too much :. 9:44 PM - Facecake #MLSS: IMPOSSIBRUU
  11. deliaren

    Ozfort mix team

  12. pvhud has the option of using custom files proof: http://i44.tinypic.com/afkcoy.jpg[/img] idk what files tho, ask someone around
  13. deliaren

    Ozfort mix team

    asian mafia sounds lame tbh should name it to lions xii -oh wait. btw the ozfl dont have divisions, only owl do
  14. pvhud has both 6v6 and 12v12 scoreboards btw, and besides it has an underutillized crosshair that is the fucking beast
  15. deliaren

    Ozfort mix team GamersUN - 240 Infinite.net.au - 300
  16. deliaren

    Free Agent List

    Name: Cobalt Class: Soldier, Demo, Scout Country: Singapore Languages Spoken: Singapore, Malay Available Playing Times: Weekdays before 10pm, Weekends before 12 Skill Level: Division 1, 2 Steam Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/deliaren/home Other Information:
  17. deliaren

    Help with rocket jumping

    [/quote'] rocket jump script is not good because it will be harder to vary your rocketjumps as sometimes you would want to do a very low jump for more distance but less airtime try a crouch jump script instead, alias +crouchjump "+jump; +duck" alias -crouchjump "-duck; -jump" bind "(yourkeyhere)" "+crouchjump"
  18. r u talking abt normal qck, qck+ is always large. qck+ and qck heavy r the large one qck normal is medium sized
  19. deliaren

    I have a few questions.

    1600 dpi xai, 0.7 in-game
  20. deliaren

    Merry Xmas!

    merry Christmas from americas bro,
  21. deliaren

    mechanical keyboards

    ss shift (non mechanical)
  22. deliaren

    AFL5 - 18th December Matchday

    rapeyourfase lineup scouts brandon, nasty soldiers aycan, cobalt demo xotic medic derpkips
  23. cp_badlands 4-3 to rape your fase cp_snakewater 2-1 to rape your fase -------------------- rnrCobalt
  24. deliaren

    Becoming a commentator?

    season v = 10? didnt your teacher teach you roman numerals in grade 2