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    Ban Appeals

    name: Tr4in steam id: 76561198078677044 why i got banned: battle medic why i should be unbanned: So I was in mumble with the of whole of my team besides sq and seeing as we would be able to clearly win the game from the start (end game score 5-0) i decided to play around a bit, and use my needles/ubersaw more often. sq found this a annoying but gave no notice for me to stop. Through his annoyance he ended up reporting me mid game. I still gave quite a lot of heals, but i understand why i have been banned. I am sorry for my actions, and will be more considerate of other players.
  2. Tr4in

    Ban Appeals

    Why I got banned : I left the game before getting someone to sub for me. Why I should get unbanned : I had to leave to go for dinner, so i called for a sub and typed !sub since there were a couple of spectators. But it turns out they were afk, I did not know because i had to leave as soon as I called for a sub. I apologies for leaving and in turn causing the teams to be uneven, but i had no choice.