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  1. ding

    SteelSeries Sensei

    i think laser tech has improved quite a lot from last time.
  2. ding

    I have a few questions.

    EH can the peeps with the super low sens tell us wats your DPI on your mouse too... thx lots
  3. ha keyboard for gaming not really that important cos we always press down all the way while gaming. Mech keyboards are great for typing cos u can touch type easily.
  4. ding

    Babyshawn is gone.....

    i think he just like to do retarded shit with his hats. eh shawn its not about the free2play players. It really about that TF2 became a fucking trading frenzy. and that sucks
  5. ding

    rape n run

  6. ding

    mechanical keyboards

    eh is the rosewill abit too heavy? which keyboards u guys using?
  7. ding

    Typical ah beng death threat

    haha ok. scary siol
  8. ding

    mechanical keyboards

    oh cool. i think i will go check it out. In Sim Lim Square issit?
  9. ding

    Typical ah beng death threat

    does not exist
  10. ding

    New update blows

    i think those guns will do super low damage. am i right?
  11. ding

    mechanical keyboards

    haha yeah. But the cherry brown switches sound more versatile to me. I wanna buy something that will make typing much nicer. And also function nicely as a gaming keyboard at the same time. yeah. I think i might like the filco smaller one tho, without numpad, never needed those things.
  12. ding

    mechanical keyboards

    Oh do anyone know WHERE to buy these without going online?
  13. ding

    mechanical keyboards

    blackwidow is only 2kro? oh um i saw this http://www.amazon.com/Adesso-MKB-135B-Pro-Mechanical-Gaming/dp/B0038KN6GO/?tag=vig-20 i think this one got a high kro. The ones u recommended, what are the KROs? And it would be nice to have a nice standard layout so typing won't be an issue.
  14. ding

    mechanical keyboards

    yo guys. I am looking for a good mechanical keyboard for typing and gaming. Would like to be a balance of both. But the price range seems a bit too steep for my liking. Does anyone know any good and cheap mechanical keyboards? arnd 100$ and but not in the high 100s