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  1. yup sure! sorry i haven't check the forums lately. I will add u :]
  2. Good day, As we all know Asia Fortress Cup is just around the horizon. Given my free time that I currently have I was thinking I will just volunteer myself to mentor anyone whose new to the competitive scene and wants to learn. I'm willing to mentor any class that you want to play or even your mentor entire team or guide you on how to captain your team. Preferably 6v6 but i don't mind if you need some help with highlander. If you guys want to question my credibility then go ahead. I may not be the best in the game nor be a division 1 medic nor have amazing DM but i can certainly help out the newer players shed some light into the TF2's competitive scene with some of my experience. Just post here your steam profile and i will add you and we will work out a proper time/schedule. We will review maps, demos, positions, etc. I will gladly appreciate if you don't add me as my friend list is getting full and i'm really lazy to do spring cleaning for my list. P/S: I'm doing this with out-most sincerity to help out newer players or lower division players to get better at the game. Please refrain from any trolling, bias, condescending, narcissistic, autistic or anything relevant in this thread and or during, before, after mentoring sessions.
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    Tharnos will be overjoyed
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    Agreed..... Hahahahahaha
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    ah.. hope to see u around then miss bella. *bows*
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    it's ok... Crit happens... Btw, settling down in Japan or going there for studies?
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    lol The rivalry with Grown Ass Men was dabes
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    Bella from Swag Pantalones? D:
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    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    It's an idea i just threw in there. If you guys feel Colosseum can provide with better PCs and services for the future events then sure. The suggestion i made is merely just a suggestion. No offence this was a great success but looking back at how Masters Cup LAN was and this LAN, you guys should know the difference. Because this LAN was held in a LAN shop where u have their own customary settings etc. (Hence the CTRL+SPACE is actually a shortcut to switch between languages as most internet cafes and LAN shop have em and it's a bitch to turn that off) and LAN shops have their own summary billings etc. too which have a connection of software that most people don't understand unless they were like me during their childhood and spent like half their lives in Internet Cafes. Speaking about safety precautions, it's not like we are going to have the tournament in a ghetto or like a place full of mobsters and hookers. If you guys want to talk about safety, how safe is Singapore anyways? Or any where else on the globe for that matter. You can even be at your school and still be fall into the drain if your not careful enough. Yes Malaysia have bad reputation with the recent MH370 incident etc. but please don't say a country isn't safe just because your family isn't in that country. No where is safe if your not careful enough. The real LAN gaming tournament experience isn't really fully experienced if it's at a LAN Shop/Internet Cafe. Don't get me wrong my suggestion was merely to give you guys the best and full on experience of gaming tournaments that i used to participated. It was grand, epic and tons of fun. But then again as i said i was just suggesting. It's up to you guys on what you guys feel the best. Next LAN i humbly volunteer myself to be on the technical side of stuff. Hopefully i can play and be part of the technical team :]
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    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    Woah, can't take a weekend off to travel even like 5 hours drive destination? D:
  11. Jopperstaluf

    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    I understand where your going with the casting but that was my input. Regards my sponsors idea, i understand most people are from Singapore but in all honestly i feel the sponsors would appreciate if it was at more budget-able cost. I mean which company wouldn't want to make an event at minimal cost. That's why i suggested next time have it in Malaysia where it's really more cheaper and i think it's easier for our friends from around other Asia gets visa more easier then to Singapore (i'm not sure. it could just be me) Of course we don't have such a shorter time span this time. Let's have like a 4-5 months time frame or something for everyone to be better planned and prepared. (just an idea) I can maybe ask my friends who has been organizing counter-strike tournaments how they set up the server etc. Next time if u guys have it at Singapore or Malaysia i be more then happy to help out via organizing, PR, server side and everything. I have been admin for a big NA TF2 community for over 2 years. I had my own private servers, i learned about sourcemod and configs pretty quickly. I know a guy who has been doing big scale tournaments and i can help Marion talk to him about getting sponsors. I know a lot of hoteliers as contacts that help out accommodations if we ever do it in Malaysia. I volunteer myself next time for any big scale idea in the near future only if we can get our community more serious, together, supportive, matured and have an open mind.
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    AFLAN.SG Feedback

    Hey, I know i couldn't be able to make it at the very last minute. But from what i heard from my teammates i thought of sharing some of my input. 1. It was great and amazing that Colosseum was really kind and gave us a venue to organize this event even until 3 a.m. And with the it's understandable with the budget that we have it's the best place we can actually afford but i heard that the PCs over there is somewhat not up to par and hence most of my teammates having all sort of frustration of FPS dropping etc. You guys might have been over there and test out the rig etc. before hand but maybe for future events if we are to do it at a LAN shop again maybe we have someone to go over there first and test out their equipment etc. 2. Man-power is one thing but we also need people who knows about the technical side. Let it be server side or streaming or even PCs we need at least one volunteer on such with experience of things. I would suggesting asking someone before hand on who knows all this sort of stuff who might. 3. It was great having casters openly like that etc. But with a place that's small I would like to suggest maybe only limit that to the Finals or Semi-Final etc. Like even in i46 they didn't had such open casters for regular matches and only had a nice big grand stage for finals. Also maybe that was a reason why the schedule got messed up. Having to set up things like that on a tight schedule is to be honest a waste of time and coming from someone who has played this sort of LAN in World Cyber Games etc. this casting thing during the game can be very distracting and make most players really lose their focus at times because some players will be hearing the casters instead and with a small venue like that it can be really distracting. (Again, i might not be there in person but i'm speaking on behalf my teammates and experience wise) 4. I hope the success of this LAN have actually attracted some sponsors that would sponsor us in future events. Maybe we have someone on the admin side to act as an official liaison to companies such as logitech, intel etc. Maybe we can have some really strong sponsors that we can bring our friends from different countries like Korea, Japan, Hong Kong etc. so we can have a nice great epic Asian LAN or maybe do something like what ESEA Invite does and have like a nice good venue maybe like in Malaysia's Cyberjaya where u can get accommodations for a very good price and a great LAN shop or warehouse to have our spectacle event. (This is for a future big scale event)
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    Post AFLAN.SG Thread

    why no online casting? :[
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    AFLAN.SG Discussion

    is there a link or anything to the live-stream or anything?
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    AFLAN.SG Discussion

    You guys should cast tonight's match.