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  1. reqqy

    Acceptance & Understanding of (New) Puggers

    much attitude so cry such angry wow ironically you're talking about people's attitude when you've got one yourself when you lose in mge.
  2. reqqy

    Team Immunity vs Kuso Scout? Want to see a match?

    would be awesome
  3. reqqy

    b4nny is a god scout ...

    is that b4nny's new team scrimming or just a random pug? if it is, man, I didnt expect xalox being the one filling the spot
  4. date confirm, but we want it to be around 730
  5. Date wise, I'll ask my team. But that time is definitely too late for us
  6. oct 5 7pm will be best for us, i think we are also fair with afl servers
  7. reqqy

    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    yay acting the same way will make the community much better
  8. reqqy

    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    do you want to own the "kid" pinkie pie again
  9. reqqy

    AFC7: Ticks

    Demo name: 3_10_l8rnerds_reqqy_azure_granary_POV Tick 1: 21512 Description: Double airshot on the demo Demo name: 3_12_l8rnerds_reqqy_desu_process_POV Tick 1: 87000 Description: Demo jump 3k + drop
  10. natapon solved it for us for some server ping issues with azure. I'm putting the screenshot for anyone else for the record.
  11. Badlands: 7-3 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=180190478 chatlog: http://i.imgur.com/FrBMbJJ.jpg Granary: 1-6 Ashvile tomorrow 6:30 pm GMT+8
  12. reqqy

    LFT Scout/Soldier Div3/2

    how about the word gay when you lose in mge?
  13. it'll be cool to see asia stuff go on tf.tv and no coverage for our low div