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  1. Biotics mains scout. improved recently, has decent dm but still lacks the experience to make decisions at the higher level which will be much more difficult than just attaining dm. nothing really can make up for not thinking about the game correctly but he has shown progress. 6.9/10 (sg) Teejay playing style reminds of one of an mge hero. a young tharnos in the making? played short leash hard pocket and has reliable dm, has since progressed into a impact roamer and has experience with other combat classes. gamesense and experience needs more refining to keep up with the pace of higher level play. being comfortable dominating pugs is not the way to go. 8.2/10 (sg) erio drops players, lacks awareness and confidence. the tendency to drop players and uber is rather high for a medic that has played so long. it is time to re-evaluate your risk/reward balance as dropping players to delay your ubers have cost your team to lose fights countless times. sometimes you just get forced to pop, sometimes ubering first is better. has below average mechanics, average gamesense, probably due to laziness and lack of confidence. 5.4/10 (sg) andy897221 nobody knows who you are if you dont pug often Mrさかな nobody knows who you are if you dont pug often aloy99 mains soldier. bad aim, bad movement, bad gamesense, pretty much lost in his own world most of the time. it is time to learn the game properly and then hit up for some mentorship. 4/10 (sg) _Gatekeeper_ nobody knows who you are if you dont pug often
  2. Rhappy/aleaf you do not have the basics right. from gamesense to mechanics (you can't even rocket jump properly) nothing is in place for you. your excessive offclassing does nothing to help either as you have no idea when and how to offclass. your attitude needs a makeover, this world does not revolve around you, ultimately, this is a team game. 3.2/10 (sg) Aycan/PinkiePie used to main soldier but the conversion to scout has given new life to his game as he regularly carries in pugs and most scrims. dumb but good at killing things, too predictable to be truly effective against the best teams. one of the best dm scouts in singapore and will punish you if slip 1st. his understanding of the game continues to improve. 9.1/10 (sg), 8.7 (asia) s4lts mains scout, got really decent for a new player then dissapeared. has potential to make it to the top if he keeps trying. got to play with the right people. gamesense and experience counts a lot in your immediate path to improvement. you have your mechanics in place so you dont have to worry about that. 6.6/10 (sg) Lime don't know who you are/you don't play enough to get a proper assesment Mamamia mains scout, average dm, average mechanics. average gamesense. tends to run forward and eat spam without considering the consequences. also picks bad duels and lacks the opportunisitic sense. seems like the kind of player that needs to be more self motivated to improve. 5.75 (sg) Lori don't know who you are/you don't play enough to get a proper assesment
  3. Aviral haven't seen this guy play before to give him any ratings sam/airshot average player, needs to stfu and play properly if he wants the recognition he think he deserves. above average mechanics but lack of gamesense probably blocked off by his ego has held him back. you can play almost any class but whoring sniper will not get you too far. 6.1/10(sg) elm0 average scout. another one of the singapore underground players that hardly shows up in the mainstream pugs. you need a boost on your mechanics because right now there is no part of your game that stands out. 6/10(sg) Xierra don't know who you are/never seen you play enough adsf old style, surpassed by new style. has the back cap mentality, a strat that may elude the newer players but can hardly fly under the radars of the vetrans. had decent mechanics of his time but has been out of the game for ages and have been surpassed in terms of dm even by some of the more average players now. aim and mechanics can be had back easily but you are not going to bother anyway it seems so lets forget about the meta game. 7.5/10(sg)
  4. hedwig Recent AFA scout that has come a long way and has progressed a fair bit better than her peers. Although you only have average mechanics and gamesense, you manage to avoid the bottom of the scoreboard consistently so in a way you are not holding your team back. At the same time, you do not give teams you play in any edge because there is nothing outstanding in your play at the moment. Seems to have hit a wall at the momement. Could do better with more refined mechanics and experience. 6/10 (sg) aspencc Mains soldier and from one of the AFA batch of players. Has been seen on and off in pugs since then but flies mostly below radar mostly because of your below average overall play. 5.7/10 (sg) W40kLife One of the very best aggro medics in asia. Understands the game at a high level on high pings. The anchor of any top korean team. His addition gives any team he plays for a solid foundation and confidence to play the aggressive chaotic playstyle that differes from their traditional rigid disciplined playstyle. If the koreans want to win, Life is the medic, be it 6's or highlander. Plays like mesr with the crossbow and aggressive bait playstyle that toys with the opponents aim. You also make them clutch ubersaw/pop uber plays in high level games. But what really defines you as a good medic are the not so immediate obvious things like communication, command and control. 9.4 (asia) Summer Can't stress enough how good this guy is in all the ways to be a relevant top level demo. Stable decision making, good awareness, good clarity of decisions, correct movement, and by far the hardest asian demoman of all of them to kill (gets the edge over OPD due to better positioning) still a little too healhungry to be compared to a banny or a plat but that kind of structure just doesn't exist in Asiafortress teams. Needs more of an ego and to be less effected by negativity / indecisiveness in his own team. Top notch all around mechanics. On top of that, he can play anything at the highest level but his scout is weaker vs scouts outside of Singapore. Clutch player. 9.8 (sg) 9.3 (asia) Kaii mains scout. about average mechanics and gamesense. slips in and out of pugs once in a while. nothing outstanding. you don't play enough and have not been seen with a proper team either. 6.2 (sg)
  5. just scot scout player, has moments where he hits them meatshots but he mostly +forwards around corners or dives straight into enemy pockets and dies. *insert expletive here*. you are not good enough to be as aggressive as you are, evolve or die 5.8 (sg) omega-synthetic you try hard but do not have the fundementals in place. basic mechanics are way off so you really need to look into that. with that out of the way, your gamesense would matter little if you are unable to execute given your current limitations 5.5 (sg) synergy you main medic and lack basic mechanics. this spills over to your lack of awareness and youseem oblivious to the happenings around youin game. your movement doesn't help the situation either, showing rigidity and losing your head like helig during chaotic moments. you dont look like you have any idea what you actually want to do with each uber when you use it. play the game more and stop playing just as a medic and learn the game more. 4 (sg) bunny mains scout/sniper. has potential in division 1 but lacks comms and experience from higher tier games. you play for yourself and not for the team. you can top frag in pugs and even scrims but you still need to become that team player. known to get cocky at times but that type of personality will make you hit wals. being king of the little league is not going to make you better. 7.4 (sg) caldoran mentally weak, doesnt take critism too well at times. likes to shut himself out into a corner of the scene and surround himself with weaker players to avoid critism. mechanics have improved over the past months and the understanding of the basics have become more sound. you still fall under the category of players that are predictable by playing the hard rules and not the dynamic situation, understand that the tide changes suddenly so your decisions need to change rapidly to keep up.you need to play with better plays and better handle the pressure 6.4 (sg)
  6. teal one of the good medics in singapore that is not afraid to get into fights and risk life to heal team. gets caught out at times and not commanding enough of her team, medics have to direct and a medic comming can do wonders for the team. your mechanics are average but your experience makes up for it. you have proven yourself has a low-div1 medic but have the potential to climb to the higher levels of division 1 with the right players. 7.4 (sg) 6.7 (asia) crab_patty a vetran scout that took a break and is now back and has improved drastically in recent times. havent seen you play in scrims much so it will be hard to tell of your capability from just pugs although you stop score in pugs easily i/we see you to be a bit delicate in scrims but that should change as you adapt and play more. 8/10 (sg) 6.8 (asia) bio if nobody notices you you are probably bad, find something you are passionate about in this game and work at it to stick out. if i/we recall correctly, you main scout and have alright mechanics. where you are stalling is your gamesense and that is a much harder hill to climb. 6/10 (sg) Arins as an afa player, i/we don't think you are ready for a rating yet as it wouldn't mean anything in this infant stage of development. if we rate you now it is going to be a pretty low rating. havent seen you in pugs either so that doesnt help. helig another of the "i think im in trouble but i sure as hell wont say it" type of medic. has obsession with pocket soldier fetish and submissive play that gets you killed alot. your rigid movement does not helpt to alleviate that either. you panic and tend to lose it when stressed. you need to be more assertive and learn to make your own decisions. following wrong/bad players will get you into a lot of danger. still weak moechanics at the moment, doesnt't seem to learn from anything outside of playing pugs. 5.8/10 (sg) ps: read the original post if you feel you got skipped
  7. take note, all the above ratings are singapore/SEA ratings and are separate for asia ratings. asia ratings will be given to players that have competed regularly against teams in the asian region regularly. players above will eventually be updated with asia region ratings. if you want to get a proper rating, play scrims/pugs regularly with a regular name (stop changing your in game name). if you are new here, don't expect to get a proper rating until you have a more established presence (if nobody knows you, chances are i/we dont know you well enough to rate you). kana Aren't you a fellow player from Vietnam? I/we've seen you play a few times, you've got more skill than SMB, you play above average but you need to step up your game if you want to take it to the next level. If scout is your main, you need to have more presence in team fights. Do you belong to a team? If so, it is not apparant and that would be because you are not seen scrimming. If you don't have a team, consider it as it will help you develop further as a player. For now, you are just another pugger. 6.2/10 (sg) rze Another veteran scout from the old days of asiafortress. I/we wish you had more ambition because you've always huge potential in becoming a div1 elite. In the recent months, your time in MGE has seen you contend and take down div1 scouts in duels. Abiet your lack of recent activity has put a wrench on your progress. You still have the tendency to run into death from time to time and at times that has cost your team some pushes and captures. Stop playing the "disposable scout" and you'll realise that your impact and presence will improve. 7.9 (sg) Facecake/etx Lack understanding in the game thus getting you killed alot, perhaps that explains your seemingly lack of fear as it turns out it mught just be your lack of understanding that you will get killed. The "im not good enough" attitude needs to be dropped. you try your best but regress into basic movement that leads to your tendency to get killed alot. you need to improve your aim and movement to play the "get in there and dm everything style" 6/10 (sg) Darkie you are an undecisive unmotivated medic main who has sort of given up at the moment it seems. you tend to drop ubers because of your undecisiveness and poor movement. you used to try hard but seemingly was unguided and not knowing the next step. maybe someone needs to guide you out of your darkness. maybe you need some motivation/goal. 6/10 (sg) justin/ice-cream you are a new scout in the scene and have yet to find consistency in your game. you also have not established enough of a presence as a result so you need to play more regularly. i/we can't rate what we don't know. also, don't change your name so often in game, justin or ice/cream.
  8. Keith I/we think you main scout but I/we've seen you mix it up with different classes. You've got a good sense of how pugs are played out. The only advice I/we'd give you is to know when you can die for free, also play more. 4.2/10 (sg) Pink You're too new to the game to be able to rate. xoom One of the more outspoken individuals in asiafortress, you are a relatively new player who has chosen the hardest class in the game as his main (demoman). Your dm skills are average and you nerdrage like a pregnant woman when killed. You have a good understanding of where and what the enemy is doing (gamesense) and you have a natural tendency to want to get the team to work together and use comms. However, you make excuses when killed (quite often) blaming your team or blaming leaks at your team flanks. This is a consequence of your desire to follow the established 'meta' and being too rigid or strict in your playstyle when in fact FPS games by nature can be random. You cannot expect pug players to know and follow the meta, and with you doing the blame game and whining you halt your progress. You need to play the game a lot more since I/we think you have the ability to take a step back and look at the game critically. Your current attitude of choosing the 'team' over yourself will see you improving at a snail's pace. Theory is one thing, being able to practise it reinforces your theoretical understanding of the game. The better you know your stuff, the faster you will think and make better decisions faster. The bottom line is: Learn to be selfish for the right reasons and work a LOT on your aim and movement dm skills to synergize with your other qualities. 5.5/10 (sg) Snowing If memory serves, you are Snowie. You have improved tremendously from the AFA days and you have chosen roamer as your main. You make plays that look questionable on the surface but are actually quite smart and get picks 80% of the time. Your mentality of not giving a crap and treating the game as a game and mixing it up with MGE has seen you turn into an effective roamer (in pugs) and I/we applaud you for this. On the flip side, your questionable plays gets you killed in dumb places at bad times and you seem to have hit a wall in terms of the meta game. It's time to take a step back and self-reflect on what it is exactly you want to do. 6.1/10 (sg) Spikey_Cactus You are a troll scout from the old days of asiafortress who's not afraid to mix it up and do random shit. I/we feel you've always lamented about the fact that you never got the chance to try out with a proper div1 team. You main scout and you have decent aim and above average movement. Play the game a lot more and DO STUFF. Nothing wrong at all with telling your team you want to go for something and asking them to spam behind you; the alternative is sticking around and being useless. It's just about learning the times. 6.4/10 (sg)
  9. Cuteman Cuteman, you've improved so much over time that you're now facing a midlife TF2 crisis. You main demo and your playstyle is very reminisicent of Jr. from Malaysia with the same flick style aim and movement, the difference being your flick aim allows you to be effective with other classes too. You are very ambitious and you have a strong hunger to constantly improve and get better and join the Asian elites. However, we urge you to stay strong, never give up, and continue kicking ass because it can be quite easy to derail and falter (ie. rufus) or become inconsistent and emotional (ie. azazel). Remain strong and you will get a chance to represent a Div1 elite team. Down to your analysis, you need to explore alternative styles of play and not setle for just pure brainless aggro and aim-reliant play. Remember, it's the brains at the elite level that make the difference, aim is just a pre-requisite. You have grown increasingly impatient when paired with weaker players in your team and it's evident in your rage/sarcasm. Do NOT let the weaker players distract you from your own progress. 8.3/10 (sg) Geneva no idea who you are so cant rate you AviralGoel You main medic but for some god awful reason, your playing can be described in one word: lag. Either your high ping or your sluggish movement and response to things make you a liability to any team you play with. Please buy proper computer equipment and re-evaluate your gameplay as a whole. Play more pubs and improve your basic aiming and movement to an acceptable level for pug play. 4/10 (sg) Westdar You main scout but you don't seem to know how to utilize your role effectively. You often +fwd into groups of enemies in desperate attempts and pray for a medic pick and end up falling flat on your face every single time. Your aim is subpar and your movement is one-dimensional. The one thing I/we'll say about you is that you've got a positive personality but you need to step up if you're seriously looking to make your mark in 6's. 5/10 (sg) Bob I/we haven't seen you play enough but you seem to stand out a bit from the other div2/3 players. No rating will be given until I/we see you play more 6's. NoirSuede Aren't you really new? Haven't seen you play much so I/we can't rate you. YuriSunshine One of the biggest hopefuls and potentials out of the AFA scene..... or so I/we thought. You graduated AFA being 'that' scout who would never shut the fuck up and keep the team comms up at all times even when being down a few rounds. However, you do brainless plays by diving headfirst around corners into enemy combos and getting wiped. Use your head and your sound and learn the situation before you make your next move. Your aim is above average but there's room for improvement. Work on your movement too as I/we see you as more of a forward and back player instead of a true WASD player. 5.5/10 (sg) mystic You main demo and I/we salute you first and foremost for never giving up. However, you need to start fragging a lot more as you're always in the bottom of the scoreboard on either the winning or losing team. You have chosen arguably the most hardest class to play and master in the game but you need to start killing things to be effective and remain relevant. For your own sake, stop hovering in the middle and pick either a defensive or offensive style to play your class. Do not be demotivated with the rating score as it just reflects the hardest class and path you've picked for competitive 6's. Good luck. 3.3/10 (sg)
  10. mel mel, to put it simply you are a DM master. How many times have you heard about someone maining a sniper? Well, that's you. You take advantage of your ridiculous aiming skills to put everyone including div1 players to shame. Your ability to snipe close-quarter enemy scouts is quite impressive and you are able to consistently top the scoreboard in most pugs with any class you play. I/we have seen you produce airshots with more ease than half of the div1 asian players. Your notoriety for offclassing in pugs has earned you the term 'mel the offclasser' and this makes me/us curious about your motivations and ambitions in 6's. Frags are nice, important frags are better. Study the game, study advantage/disadvantage. You need a goal or a purpose to have movement in a game. You need to be able to know what to win and how to win to use your aim. tl;dr: can be the next big thing if pushed in the right direction 8.2/10 (sg) CrimsonFireBird Bless your soul, you do try and give it your all and you comm like crazy. You panic too often and you lack situation awareness. You are missing a lot of the basics in your gameplay as seen just from the way you heal teammates making you look more like a headless chicken. Re-work your basics and mechanics and build on that foundation. 4/10 (sg) chromatic no idea who you are, can't give you ratings until you play more. rufus I/we don't know what happened to you but it's like a fuse exploded in your brain and you've turned into this 'troll' pug player that silent rages, shuts down completely at times, massively overextends at other times, does brainless things in team situations and you seem to not want to learn new things and take constructive criticism which has lead to you stagnating your development as a player. There's nothing much else to say. 6.6/10 (sg) tharnos One of the very few or possibly the only mge god-king in Singapore. You used to be a MGE enthusiast until you eventually got pulled to 6's and I/we wonder when that happened. However you seem to have transitioned seamlessly by kicking ass and keeping to yourself and staying away from regular pug drama. You main pocket soldier although you are able to play any class effectively at an elite level using your Quake experience to display superior aim and movement to kill everything in your path. You play pocket solly for team Allstars and have proven yourself as a top 3 hard pocket carry in Asia. You don't have the smartest thinking but you are able to hit shots that matter. You need to be more efficient in movement and take less damage in crucial situations and you need to prevent your medic from being killed in other situations since 6's are not just about 'smash guy with rocket' to win but to develop into a combo soldier who can use ubers consistently and/or play around ubers on other classes. And to top it all off, I/we believe you haven't peaked yet. Because of your consistency and DM skills, you have a better rating than bran/yuko. 9.4/10 (sg)
  11. Puzzled If memory serves, you're also known as Puzzled that played for H2H back in the highly competitive days of Asian TF2. You were always 'that' dude who played scout as if you were performing in a circus with overcomplicated movements that almost always got you killed. You may have caught people offguard with such things in the past but in today's FPS era with the vast amount of tools available (MGE, ammomod and others), Asian players have exceptional aim and you get countered easily. At the moment, you main scout and shot-call for team Allstars and have proven yourselves as an unstoppable force albeit falling short with a 3rd place. You're a hard worker and you're dedicated, your family oriented style of team bonding has accelerated Allstars progress and should serve as an example to newer younger teams out there. Your mechanics have never been amazing but you have your team to carry you which you make up for with your leadership qualities. It seems now that you have hit a ceiling, and things will have to change if you want to meet the challenge vs top tier scouts. You cannot be dodging scouts forever, you will have to shoot back and this is where your problem is at the moment. Killing your targets specially top tier scouts means you are keeping them out of the game or giving your opponents something to think about. Perhaps the time has come for you, as a player, to start looking at 'empty' moments in the game, where nothing is happening and start dying 30+ times a game at the right times - being the guy who can forward into a hold with team spam behind him to force uber or make a pick etc. Being able to force / take those trades is how you become a really good scout (as opposed to you dying to bad reads or due to lack of inferior aim), having that consistent (read -> consistent, not >circus< movement) movement on top of trading is how you become a legend. 8/10 (sg) Adelente Adelante, you're a bit of a wild goose (?) as far as TF2 is concerned. You have played scout and soldier for team secrets.tf2 and former teams. I/we think your strongest gameplay seems to display through scout, however.... You never talked, you never said what you wanted to do, or planned to do, or responded to others. So you died. Maybe if you engaged with your team more you might be a credit to it. You never pick your battles wisely and you always resort to +fwding to make a play. You're a veteran in the Asian scene and you have the potential to be one of the elites but it's a shame you have a weak mindset about the game. 7.7/10 (sg) mykonos For some reason, you play a really passive game. You main soldier. There's nothing that's particularly impressive or stands out when I/we watch you play and it's because of your passive, deer-in-the-field gameplay. You need to be more aggressive in your game style to improve your DM. Remember, there's no such thing as a wrong decision if you learn from it. You can't have an impact if you don't try - and 99% of the stuff you do or don't do isn't a 'risk'. It's a decision you must make based on advantage/disadvantage. Play to advantages and you will be out of your comfort zone and will improve. 6.8/10 (sg) bzkr You main scout however you do a really poor job at knowing your advantages/disadvantages. You +forward all the time into enemies and die without understanding your team's position. You're at the bottom of the scoreboard in almost every pug game and you do not have the DM or movement required to be effective. You do try hard though, so that's saying something... 5.2/10 (sg)
  12. Biotics I/we don't know who you are. Please write down your aliases used. aleaf You're a young convert from the asiafortress academy who likes to main scout, you have enthusiasm but you seem to have very little experience with playing first person shooters. You play with high sensitivity and resort to flicking and this seems to be your downfall as you miss the easiest of shots. You have no game-sense as can be seen from the amount of times you tower-dive into groups of enemies and die needlessly. Lower your sensitivity, learn your movement and think a lot when you play. Keep up your enthusiasm though and do not get beaten down by criticism. 4.5/10 (sg) halu You have been around the scene for quite a long time and was always considered one of the big potentials in the scene but you consistently manage to put yourself down through your attitude to the game. You go into frequent modes of raging, emo-whining, self deprecation and everything in between. Your stubbornness to stick to the 'meta' correlated to having admin access in some of the most active pug servers has seen you engage in lots of unnecessary pug drama (kick/banning/attempting to enforce unnecessary offclassing rules) and has slowed your progress dramatically. When you actually play though, you show moments of aggressive play helping your team win the round but you often/almost always revert to your moody side when you have been critiqued or called out by your teammates, and it shows in your gameplay. Because of all the crap you've gotten over time, you now exhibit the same offclassing-at-the-wrong-times syndrome that some other players have. You're a versatile class player but you play an inconsistent game. Either you choose to main one class to 100% of your ability or you train up every class up to 80% (currently you're 65%) by adapting a zen mindset, this requires fundamental changing within you as a player and as a human being. I/we never remember actually doing important things consistently. You were that guy who would just die taking a duel or going for something you couldn't get when your team needed the >right< move to happen. Knowing you need to make a play is only half the battle, you need to know what to take, and what YOU can take. Your judgement probably lets you down (since you're judged a lot by the div1 players in general) and I/we remember your openings not being great in general. Overall, your inconsistency's about the same as Madman, you could do more but you seem to love wallowing and drowning in self-pity and shit (get off HK tv dramas). Maybe it's time for you to evaluate what you really want and just one class to master. Hitting a few headshots doesn't mean anything if your team is not able to capitalize on it. Maybe it's time for you to evaluate what you really want and "pick" just one class to master. 6.9/10 (sg) Azazel Azazel, you main scout and I/we have seen you work your way to the top in just a few months. You're probably fit to play in lower level Div1 but you're a horribly moody player. Training and dedicating yourself to being a good duellist in MGE is all well and good but that knowledge is never going to transition well over to 6's. If you keep up the MGE route, you'll be another classic example of an MGE trained no brain 6's player. Your aim has gotten quite good to the point where you can hold your own versus other elite Div1 scouts, however you give your opponents too much respect and in turn results in passive gameplay. You are very dedicated and focused and you work hard, you just need to get acknowledged by others (div1 players) instead of feeling awkward about the fact that you're a tryhard. There's nothing wrong with being a tryhard but be smart about being one. Nobody cares how you get 'there' as long you are 1) good 2) win 3) not a douchebag. Focus on one aspect of your game at a time, never be negative, work hard on movement to make it not-bad. Make something your own. 7/10 (sg) chongy I/we really want to call you a subhuman mutant just because of your name. You're an infrequent pug player from the old days of asian TF2. You don't play a lot but you love trolling in pugs. It also results in you showing flashes of hilarity when you pull crazy stunts as a pyro, you don't really seem to care much about your score or skills. I/we don't know what your motivations or goals and you look like the type that just wants to have fun playing pugs, which is acceptable and understandable. 6/10 (sg)
  13. jazr If I/we're correct, you're also known as abel who plays as crazy roaming soldier for secrets.tf2. You have become an exceptional eagle in the sky. You rocket surf and almost always manage to assassinate your intended target. You've built up a notoriety for the fact people always expect you in the air with crazy height elevation. As a newer player, but old enough to have experienced enough drama in the scene, one would expect to see a more solid use of-ingame knowledge to compliment your deathmatch abilities. While your aim is fine, your choice of positioning could be better by taking better advantage of your team's positioning and timing. Playing a wider variety of classes will offer you a better understanding of the mindset behind each class and your respective opponents. The bottom line: you've become predictable as 'that' guy who's always looking for opportunities to rocket-jump and kill enemy medics (mostly). The harsh truth: Nobody cares if you can kill the other guy/girl really well until you are capable of killing the right guy/girl at the right time, pretty sure you don't. 7.9/10 (sg) sud An old player who started out in public servers back in the days. You transitioned into the pug scene mostly to follow your friends/group who had done the same. As far as general aim goes, you have it as seen from your sniper play (aggressive sniping). In 6's, you have chosen to be a pocket/roam soldier, however you do a very poor job at it. You have your moments but you consistently pick bad fights, you abandon your medic and fail to protect him or your demoman (when your pocket's dead), you play a very selfish game and you end up overextending a lot and dying while getting a horrible exchange (meaningless scout kill). This has lead me/us to believe that you don't really give a fuck about your teammates and you play a very selfish game with very little comms. Maybe it's time for you to evaluate and self-reflect. 6.7/10 (sg) jigglesaur Huge potential player with strong aim but your inexperience invariably leads you to make some bad decisions. This is not a diss though since I/we think you have great div1 potential. You main soldier but your versatile aim allows you to play any role as you see fit. Good guy jigglesaur. 7/10 (sg) shounic Shounic mains pocket soldier and has a nasty habit of endlessly arguing semantics with teammates during important moments like, oh I don't know, TEAM FIGHTS. You earned AF's most deproved player award in 2012 for your horrible inconsistency (aim + decision making) but I/we see you start to turn that around this year with strong performances in your Merc cup games. You care a lot and you tend to be very critical of your own performances and what others think about you and we applaud you for that. Long story short, you mad? Be less mad. 6.4/10 (sg) russkan You main medic for secrets.tf2 and you've improved tremendously over the past few months. Because of the randomness in asian pugs, you've learnt to be a diverse class player, albeit with spotty performances. Your aim's consistent but you tend to react or aim slowly. You're one of the nicest players in asiafortress and your moments of rage are quite appropriate which is more than I/we can say about other emoragers. You should play the game more and watch your own demos with a critical eye to improve one thing at a time. You're pretty well rounded and having the truth of your mistakes staring you in the face makes getting over the 'anger' a lot easier/smoother. Remember, if nobody notices you for anything it probably means you aren't very good, so find parts of your game you like/think are good and make them great, one bit at a time. There's no other way up for you than up there, russkan. You've got 'that' sort of potential. 8/10 (sg) dyn4mite Don't know who you are. Maybe write down your aliases you use in-game and get rated?
  14. Update : Requests for ratings on behalf of others will not be entertained.