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  1. Maverick

    Sick Shot the Movie

    Awesome stuff. Some really neat shots and great quality video.
  2. Maverick

    Kin owned

    PS: Whatever I have done is with the permission of Kin. He can be contacted and it can be clarified whether he gave me permission to do this or not.
  3. Maverick

    Kin owned

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. Maverick

    Kin owned

    Got this back from our old forum, [TnT] Kin: nvr seen sperm in real [TnT] Maverick: ROFL [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: [TnT] Maverick: coz u dont hv it in u [TnT] Kin: have read in zoologgy [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: rofl [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: xD [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: ahahahah [TnT] Kin: zoology* [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: ahahahah [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: seriosuly [TnT] Maverick: yeh to pura impotent hai [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: he's so gayyyy [TnT] FLyinG MonKeY!!!: xD [TnT] Kin: thers nothing to laugh and now see this, 22 September 2010 12:25 - Chulbul Pandey: how is ur gf kin ? 12:25 - Chulbul Pandey: u dint show her pic till now 12:25 - Chulbul Pandey: :@ 12:25 - Kin=): u slept with her already 12:26 - Kin=): i slept with her already* 12:26 - Kin=): lolololool 12:26 - Chulbul Pandey: when did i sleep with her ? 12:26 - Kin=): typo 12:26 - Chulbul Pandey: and even if u slept with her ...i think ur dick dint stand to make u do anything ...lol 12:26 - Kin=): LOL 12:26 - Chulbul Pandey: as u dont know what to do 12:27 - Kin=): it was so funny 12:27 - Chulbul Pandey: btw is she hot? 12:27 - Kin=): i didnt know im such a horny guy 12:27 - Kin=): lololool 12:27 - Chulbul Pandey: hmm ..show her pic asshole 12:27 - Kin=): no 12:27 - Chulbul Pandey: why ? 12:27 - Kin=): ul release it in net and earn money 12:27 - Chulbul Pandey: hahahahaha .......... 12:27 - Kin=): LOL 12:27 - Chulbul Pandey: is she hot ? 12:27 - Kin=): i was pugging till now 12:28 - Kin=): ofcourse she is man 12:28 - Chulbul Pandey: ok ... 12:28 - Kin=): my mouth at her boobs 12:28 - Kin=): it was like heaven 12:28 - Chulbul Pandey: rofl ... 12:28 - Chulbul Pandey: whts her size? 12:29 - Chulbul Pandey: ?? 12:30 - Kin=): like this approx. http://www.southdreamz.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/sunaina-yathumaagi-sexy-14.jpg 12:30 - Chulbul Pandey: i want to see akshaya bitch 12:30 - Kin=): lol 12:30 - Kin=): ill be with a girl soon this week or next 12:30 - Kin=): Saranya.. not the previous one 12:30 - Chulbul Pandey: ok 12:30 - Kin=): another one in my college 12:31 - Kin=): looking at me like anything 12:31 - Chulbul Pandey: lol 12:31 - Kin=): she is white, sexy, etc but face is little retarded 12:31 - Kin=): ;/ 12:31 - Chulbul Pandey: hmm 12:31 - Chulbul Pandey: post some real pics chut 12:31 - Chulbul Pandey: then i will believe if u r with girls 12:32 - Kin=): no way 12:32 - Kin=): rofl 12:32 - Chulbul Pandey: ok ... 12:32 - Kin=): like i care man whether u will believe or not 12:32 - Kin=): ROFLOROLRFORLFORL mav 12:32 - Chulbul Pandey: ok good for u 12:32 - Chulbul Pandey: nice chat though .. i hv saved it 12:32 - Kin=): ur so nice mav LOL 12:32 - Chulbul Pandey: will make for a good post on asia fortress 12:32 - Chulbul Pandey: rofl 12:32 - Kin=): take a screenshot too 12:32 - Kin=): ppl wont believe 12:32 - Chulbul Pandey: no need 12:32 - Kin=): lol 12:32 - Kin=): fake chat they will sa 12:32 - Kin=): say 12:33 - Chulbul Pandey: they will believe me 12:33 - Kin=): u wanna see something, i have one about zach 12:33 - Kin=): ya post if u want man 12:33 - Kin=): lol 12:33 - Kin=): wat 12:33 - Kin=): wait 12:33 - Chulbul Pandey: what bout zach? EDITED ZACH'S STORY FROM HERE. LOL. PS: Whatever I have done is with the permission of Kin. He can be contacted and it can be clarified whether he gave me permission to do this or not.
  5. Maverick


    Ya if users are given an option it would be really nice. So everyone can just choose whatever they like. You can add more themes also later on.
  6. Maverick


    ^^Both. It just looks a little out of place or its just me as I have never browsed any forums with things like these. Maybe an option to select more themes or something? Don't want to be a critic here but this is just my personal opinion and I really appreciate your work and efforts mate
  7. Maverick

    Team Rocket + vote ban

  8. Maverick


    Not liking the demoman and the soldier on the sides. Kinda annoying and loud. Otherwise very good work mate
  9. Maverick

    Soldier looking for a clan

    Pro player. Highly recommended.
  10. Maverick

    Eclub pug rules?

    Thanks. Will report next time. And ya offenders deserve a kick ass ban.
  11. Maverick

    Eclub pug rules?

    But then something needs to be done about repeated offenders. Nobody is taking it seriously. I reported violations yesterday also to Zach and there were violations just 5 mins back too. I hope offenders are punished or if not then the rule should be removed.
  12. Maverick

    General SG/MY svrs admin list

    Can we have more active admins on both Eclub and SH? Hardly any admins and the SH servers never get to be used. Just 2-3 people from the SH admin list are currently active and hardly any of them pug or play tf2 these days.