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    What do you feel about the time and date chosen for the event?



    Did you have fun?

    yes a lot


    Do you feel that the event was well-organized? Please elaborate why, or why not.

    yes very


    Were the delays between the matches too short, too long, or good? i.e. Did you feel burned out or bored between matches because of the waiting time?



    What do you feel are the most important changes that should be made for future similar events?

    warmup servers


    Do you have any suggestions for future events?

    warmup servers


    Would you participate again in more Ultiduo tournaments the next time around?


  2. lol
    my first pug in 2012 went horrible cos i didnt know the rules and was from trading everyday and also spending hours on jump servers and mge servers so basically in pugs i was all aim no brains and most of the players in pugs were like div 1 (afc6 period)
    also some should stop looking down on 13-15 year olds
    also dlh you should pug in high level pugs more; if people rage at you say "sorry my bad" then learn from it; do that 1000 times and you will be flawless tada

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  3. new people =/= retards. just like how when you were born you didn't know how to talk/walk etc. you learn, but this can only be achieved through the guidance and lessons you learn from others. there was once a new person in a low-level pug and my team was really nice to him and he was actually happy that he could learn and he had the opportunity to learn from others, and he remarked that he would go back to pugs if there were such nice people around


    also if new people off-class and suck at it just tell them nicely and they'll probably go back to their original classes. be nice, spread the love, not hate.

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  4. hi guys,


    I feel that the ranks in asiafortress pugs and mge are absolutely retarded as they are meant to be training servers not "get points so you're pro" servers. training servers are meant to develop the potential of mid-good players and make them better players. However, with the point system in MGE and PUGs, players will resort to cheap and unfair tactics (eg MGE counterjumping, chipshots) and will disregard the fact that the server is to train and will just focus on getting points. Hopefully points will be removed from the system.



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