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  1. i think this forum needs more discussion the necessity of forming stable teams that don't disband in the offseason and run away because a bunch of australians beat them while using hurtful words not out of place in a fourth grade insults slinging mudfest because someone got their justin beiber cd stolen




    ps : at least the best teams aren't forfeiting the league because they can't deal with equalizer and bonk being unlocked kudos to you guys on that one


  2. Personally, there is way too much serious fucking business with people making unfunny trolls in stv when it comes to tf2 these days, especially finals. With that in mind - and with almost every single asiafortress troll with the exception of spammah being fashionably unfunny, here's a new way to occupy yourselves when spectator those big games.


    This is called the Roaming Soldier Drinking Game. You can also see it as a quick route in attempting to become amused by tf2 in a fundamentally enjoyable way.


    File is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kOtrr_waclP6GVmI0XiX1SI5n1YfJyFc9p4VdbwFyJo/edit?hl=en&pli=1#


    For those who cannot be bothered reading


    A lot of people have been messaging me for official Roaming Soldier Drinking Game rules, so here they are.


    Preferred drinks/what I usually drink:

    Bailey's straight - a shot of this = 1 drink

    Guinness draught

    50/50 screwdriver

    shots of vodka (shots count as 2 drinks for this game, so it's a good idea to have a beer or a mixed drink around)

    shots of tequila (good for catching up if you missed half the match, these are 2.5/3 drinks)





    2 drinks if the Roamer is airshot

    2 drinks every time the Roamer is needled

    2 drinks for offclassing that results in 0 kills


    1 drink for unsuccessful bomb

    1 drink for offclassing that results in at least 1 kill

    1 drink for any easy 1v1 that the Roamer miraculously loses when they clearly should have won


    Discretionary drinks can be called, but a reason must be provided, and a description of what happened.


    Preferably, you'll want to be in mumble with me because I've perfected on-the-fly drink shoutcasting, but if not, you need to listen to your teammates in mumble and if someone says drink, you must abide.


    Go forth and enjoy TF2 like you never have before.


    Bonus Points: Drunken TF2Lobby after the game.



    Shoutouts to my beta-testers:


    felon "tonebone"








    Edit. 1337? So fitting.

  3. tl;dr


    Community with teams that only "operate" properly in the offseason is doomed to fail. Proper teams need to last longer than a season and need 6-8 players on the same page, agreeing about their approach to the game ... which is nigh impossible with a shrinking player base.


    tl;dr x 10 ^ 10


    blame spammah




  4. Couldn't we have just put SPAMMAH in 72 text at the start of this thread and then locked it?


    Would have been faster.


    edit. That is pretty disappointing if what Seeker says is true. People should be excited about the opportunity to play against the best, especially since rep and sheep showed a lot of what is wrong with damage avoidance and scout-play in Asian TF2 last finals.

  5. yeah man, I'm like David fucking Attenborough or something*


    *some elements of said claims may be fictional. If you have a problem with this, screw you, I was too busy threatening ch3rry and/or bright at the time to pay any real attention.


    **GODDAMNIT Spammah everything I say isn't funny, I'm not scotty ffffffffffffu

  6. I think we all know what really happened


    spammah hits guy with rocket

    spammah hits guy with rocket in air (legitimately good shot too, given the 150 ping)

    spammah taunts thinking the other guy is dead

    spammah proceeds to not kill the guy and get violated by ten backburner pyros

    spammah proceeds to tell a disbelieving r3sty and tranny about his public server prowess, denying the truth with lines like "nah, I'm pro" and "no, ur gay"

    nnta audibly facepalms

    wish proceeds to jump into our channel and yell at everyone

    Syllcy eats some more fucking noodles instead of covering a flank

    sean gets on his magical fairy-soul powered flying star and shoots off into space


    asian tf2 is exciting