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    Discussion for Map Pool in AFL4

    Try koth_Ashville in the community for a bit at least. Yes, it's a bold and possibly dangerous move - but on the flipside I think what Asheville promises is a bit more structured Koth action than just dm. And in a pickup heavy environment like asia I think it'd be widely enjoyed a hell of a lot more - might even provide valuable input to mackey.
  2. It should also be noted that the thing about the "one bullet" is natasha slows you regardless of how many times you are hit. Be it one "chink" spammed across the stage or point blank dps. Natasha brings the slow, the stun and reduction in game speed all in one package - and does so in a way that lowers the skill ceiling of the game for the user and his team. I don't see how you can put any sort of argument forward that a Sentry does the same - it doesn't do so on Gravelpit if a team can execute their pushes correctly, just as it does on any map. A sentry is 99/100% a tool to force a wasted uber and turn it into a game of repushes, which few teams are nearly as good at as standard pushes. Natascha has so much more of an impact on the speed of a game than that, mostly because it's a hitscan weapon that is under the direct control of a player and so much more abusable.
  3. I don't buy the argument that people who dislike certain unlocks are afraid of change or new playstyles. I really don't. Especially when we end using it to justify maps like Freight_final twinned with unlocks like Natasha that turn what can be a very fast, fun and fluid experience into a slow crawl metagame. I'm not afraid that I can't execute a defence on Last in a couple of maps (Freight_Final, Coldfront, etc) with an engineer and Natasha that leaves the other team failing 5 pushes to last hoping we fail a retake so the horror can be over. But when all is said and done, I do not want that style of game in my tf2, it is fun for nobody involved in my experience. As for Critacola, never seen it used, so I won't comment about it. But the thing about allowing unlocks and the "playstyles" they bring comes down to an argument everyone needs to go over and think about themselves. Every single person should think about the following points in respect to every contentious unlock and then; only then, decide if they should be in the game or not. Natasha is an easy example. 1) Actually think about if the unlock should be there and if it adds something good to the format. The competitive format we had before unlocks has done a pretty good job - and unlocks that are perceived to "give" something to the game have been allowed (medic unlocks, equalizer, pain train, etc). Remember, people who want to add new unlocks to the competitive format are the ones who have the expectation of making an argument for change - they are suggesting modifications to an existing format. > I do not believe Natasha adds any positives other than hilarious moments laughing at medics on 80% uber get gunned down. 2) After deciding if it adds something to the game, decide if it takes away things from the game. > Slows the game down, makes people afraid of peeking because it could get them killed due to one bullet - and "could" in a way that isn't determined purely by the aim of the player or praying to the deity behind hitreg (like the sniper does). Lowers skill ceiling in a way that doesn't open the game to new players either. 3) http://mygamingedge.com/i-care-too-much-vol-4/ read articles like this. Regardless of if you're for or against specific unlocks, actually read other people's opinions. This doesn't make you a sheep, and you are not "following everyone else" if you make the decision to read their logic and agree with it. > slow game made slower 4) master existing playstyles > I knew I'd screw one of these up somewhere. Hence I think Natascha should be banned.
  4. Problem with Natascha isn't the power of the weapon, it's how fvcking unfun it makes the game. It's doubly bad on high pings - to the point someone who gets hit by it will have discrepancies between their hitsounds/ingame and actual damage to the tune of 100 damage shots/rockets/pipes doing nothing. Stuns in FPS games are just ughh, especially with the way it actually works (oh hey I got midged by one round I'm as slow as oplaid derp), which just serves to make it all the worse. A game where people are afraid to poke a corner because they might get hit by one natascha bullet and slowed to a crawl is a slower, less enjoyable game.
  5. Completely independently of balance or how easy it is to use, thinking about natascha should involve what it takes and gives to the game. Personally, I don't see why Natascha really gives anything to the game, and it certainly makes the game less enjoyable for anyone who gets hit by it. Fundamentally, it more or less acts as a stun which takes away most of your control. The end product is tremendously frustrating weapon which in my experience goes a long way towards ruining the game for everybody. No other unlock beyond the sandman in it's original form really has that kind of power. It's also an absolute fucking nightmare if you get hit by it and you're over 80-90 ping, because weird jerky shit starts happening with your movement/aim. Anyone over 150 will probably suffer an epileptic seizure and/or want to brain themselves against a wall. It really does make something that's quite annoying, much worse.
  6. HaXxorIzed

    Singapore Sales Job

    Penn and Teller don't approve. And you really shouldn't piss Teller off.
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    Was fun to cast : p. gg. Credit to all admins and teams involved in the competition.
  8. HaXxorIzed

    Team Australia Draft

    Definitely worth looking at the pings of the All Australian team when it is voted for this owl. Some may get lucky (Yuki pulls what, 150-190 to some Asiaforterss servers?) but it wouldn't surprise me to see others getting 400-450 ping, and that is murder.
  9. HaXxorIzed

    Anyone using m0re cfg please help

    This fixed it for me as well. Excellent.
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    Hehe, excellent. I'm sure the casts will be up soon as well? o;
  11. HaXxorIzed

    Ban heavies from AFL3

    I view natascha heavies as rather like spies. Vomit inducingly disgusting until scrims - then when effective .... hilarious. While being vomit inducing.
  12. All of the computers I have ever owned and steam as well as any programs running on steam continue a long-standing series of incorrigible differences. Then again I'm a nerd and run some kind of wacked fps config even when I don't need to, just so I can continue to be hnggg autistic and not have to deal with HDR on my screen. ps. I'm not the only one with a computer that decides to divide itself by zero when multi core rendering is enabled, right?
  13. HaXxorIzed

    Pocket solly tips

    Dw flare I may call your hat choice out for limited amusement but we can hate on demomen leading all the ubers these days together. ps. did you watch idk's season though flare wai actually played traditional pocket and got heals like extremer and it worked they won they won they won squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  14. HaXxorIzed

    Pocket solly tips

    Cannot believe, simply because Flare wears the Tyrant Helm over the Stainless Pot. Sorry, but how can I take your advice onboard when you don't take the necessary measures to look like a dapper (and properly mentally deficient) killing machine as you airshot idiots. Instead, you apparently choose to look like some kind of mongloid viking warlord? Fashion sense is like .... ; everything, sister. (personally I find Demo really really hard and unforgiving. But I am terrible).