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  1. Xierra

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #3 [24/1/2014]

    It's about time I return! ^^ Name: Xierra Desired Class: Medic Steam Profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Xierra/ Voted map : pl_cashworks
  2. This match just went without any problem. Azure deserved the win as stated above.
  3. Oopsie, my bad. I have a knack of discussing things right at the chat to be honest. But I usually post what's discussed there, so no big deal for me as long as they take part in the scheduling. :> One thing left to be discussed is the exact time of the match. It'll be done soon. Anyways, I would play for this week. See you in the match Toiz!
  4. Looks like War's forfeiting this game. They're missing both scouts as the reason of this. Here's a proof: So, guess Clamorous Team wins this round.
  5. Okay, so far Tech (Azure's leader) said they can only play the match on Saturday / Sunday 1-7:30 PM GMT+9 Server's still on discussion, but chances are, we use #cLmRs's server (OAG) on 1st round, and sohn1204.codns.com for the 2nd, though honestly I still don't get how this works out xD
  6. Sorry for not specifying this on the thread lol. But anyways, the confirmed match time is 9 PM GMT+8 on Sunday, 21st July 2013. Probably the choice of server is Asiafortress. Hopefully we get the slot for the night ^^
  7. So, who should I contact first? Add me so we can start discussing. Hope there's at least one who understands English '
  8. Xierra

    Weekly Highlander Mix 12 April 2013

    Guess we can't play with that few people... Sorry about that guys T_T
  9. Xierra

    Weekly Highlander Mix 12 April 2013

    And, placing myself in. Xierra id/Xierra Medic! Keep em comin'! I hope we can put the mixups back again
  10. Server Details : Afl Highlander Server will be used (password aflmatch) IP: bakemono.servegame.org:27019 ================================================================================= Excluded Weapons & Items (Banned Items): Enforcer Pomson 6000 Phlogistinator Holiday Punch Bombinomicon Scout's Bootie Time and Pyro's Jingle Belt Huo-Long Heater Red-Tape Recorder Vita-saw Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol Cleaner's Carbine Beggar's Bazooka Bazaar Bargain High Five Taunt (As of March 12th) Banned Sets: The Saharan Spy Set - (Familiar Fez) The Croc-o-style Set - (Ol' snaggletooth) RULES 1. Finding Subs If you registered but are unavailable due to sudden commitments, you must find a substitute. Please post his/her details. Player Sub Name : Steam ID/URL : Replacing Name : Steam ID/URL : Class: 2. Attitude Please keep trolling to a minimum. Such people will be dealt with harshly. Mumble is a MUST. Be in the mumble channel 15 mins before the stated time. 3. Communication Please connect to GamersUN mumble's Asiafortress Academy channel and be there by 9PM. The instructions to connect are located at :http://asiafortress....-mumble-server/ Label : Asiafortress GU Community Mumble Address : Port : 64778 4. Balances Prior to the game or between maps, the admins may adjust the teams to prevent stacking 5. Registration Name: Steam ID/URL: id/ Class: Please try not to change classes after you have registered for a class already. 6. Discussion All discussion shall be in the discussion thread. Do not host your discussions in the registration thread. ================================================================================= Classes: Scout : Soldier: Pyro : Demo : Heavy : Engineer : Medic : Xierra Spy : Seohyun & matic Sniper : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Xierra


    O Thee Skill Detector man, please rate me if you can.
  12. Xierra

    Weekly Highlander Mix 19 March 2013

    Reporting in! id/Xierra Xierra Medic! It's about time Oh wait a sec, 19th March... Why not make a new one?
  13. Xierra

    Summer's rating thread

    For the sake of honor and traffic incline, I will post this post! Derp.
  14. Xierra

    Weekly Highlander Mix 18th January 2013

    I'll make it, thankfully Thanks Sogeking. Let's move it up!
  15. Xierra

    Weekly Highlander Mix 18th January 2013

    Guys, I'm sorry to say but on my home and around it are flooded for now. I can't guarantee about my arrival since a blackout is possible. But for now I'm lucky enough to have electricity, and I pray to god no more rain so I can play with you guys