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  1. Aspencc

    Hi there.

    o its this creatizcordon guy yes?
  2. Aspencc

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #2 [18/1/2014]

    Medic for most popular class
  3. Hi I'm a scrub who spends too much time thinking about tf2 and not actually shooting things in tf2. I started comp in highlander about 3 (2 1/2?) years ago because I'm a scrub who's scared of the high pressure 6s environment; HL mixes are a good thing. I main engineer because it's the best class for scrubs who can't aim since you get a legit aimbot. Even heavy requires too much aiming. Then I got semi-famous in pubs (pubstar) even though I'm a scrub because of a stupid joke by qj ahaha. Much thanks to a whole bunch of people who introduced me to comp tf2 and also to those who made it fun for someone who's a scrub. What do you mean I'm being too cynical?
  4. Aspencc

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #1 [10/1/2014]

    Mayyyybe find someone who's willing to stand in for awhile if you know you're gonna be late?
  5. Aspencc

    AFHL Mixes 2 Week #1 [10/1/2014]

    Heyyo 1pt, Thanks for being interested in our mixes First of all please use the template provided to sign-up for the mixes, for organisation's sake. Players should gather for the mixes at 7:45 GMT +8. Since Europe has several timezones (which are you in?) I'll give you a couple other timings which you might be able to convert. 6:45 am EST 11:45am UTC (this should be closest?) Edit: Okay, I pried a little and you're in GMT +1, so you should be there at 12:45pm on 10th Jan
  6. Aspencc

    HL Server Map Pool and Nominations

    Alt-tabbing then googling then putting the file in the right place is difficult Anyway don't afl servers have the in-game download thing?
  7. Aspencc


    If I'm not wrong it's the same plugin as in jump servers where you can !skeys in-game? So yeah ingame.
  8. Aspencc

    HL Server Map Pool and Nominations

    These are good maps pl_borneo_rc2 or whatever version it is now koth_arctic These are better maps pl_rainbowride koth_trainsawlaser This is best map tc_hydro
  9. Aspencc

    Staff updates, upcoming changes

    Yeah I agree that valve messed up pyro's balance a lot. It's just that I really feel the flare gun is one of the more closely balanced yet different unlocks that valve has come up with, and not really 'OP'. Like with the gunboats or kritzkrieg, rather than say the pistol and pre-buff winger, which were just % changes.
  10. Aspencc

    Staff updates, upcoming changes

    Flare gun's balanced pretty fairly with the shotgun for the pyro imo First of all, it's a projectile, which means, unlike sniper shots, they're technically dodgeable at the 'far range' it gives the pyro. It's also 90 damage wherever it hits, and to look at it realistically, how much damage would a direct pipe do if it manages to hit you at whatever range? Next, you also have to be on fire to be hit for 90 damage. How close do you have to be to the pyro to be set on fire, outside of the flare gun? In a spam/stalemate situation, just grab health or heals if you're ever hit with a flare. Standing in a pyro's sightline while on fire is even dumber than standing in a sniper's sightline. So you might argue, what about situations when you have to walk into a pyro's flamethrower? Surely the burn and flare is op crit happy? Well no, at that range, basically everything except spy and medic can do a burst 90 damage or more. Meatshots from scouts, direct rockets, stickies, pipes, even a shotgun with all pellets hitting does 90 damage. If you die to a pyro in a 6v6 setting, you probably would have to any other cookie-cutter class. Anyway, I didn't vote flare gun because it would probably encourage unnecessary offclassing more at this stage, and also because it might be too radical for some to handle at this point.
  11. Aspencc

    weapon whitlelist

    Now my essay just looks extra :< But yeah, unless admins have another reason to dislike stranges/killstreaks it looks highly probable. It used to make a popup on the left side of the screen that you had to close to ALL players in the server. Now it doesn't. Edit: Also, I think we're reaching the target of greater than 5!
  12. Aspencc

    weapon whitlelist

    I really want to start a drama As mentioned on the thread, nata's original argument for banning strange weapons has been invalidated due to updates on stranges. Killstreak weapons do have 'popups' of sorts for killstreak milestones but they are much less annoying than the strange one and are basically an extension to the killfeed. Think it'll be nice if saki's updated whitelist got the stranges and killstreaks put into the AFL servers for cosmetic purposes. --- Regarding discussion of the unlock list, is it really necessary for another thread to be made for the purpose of garnering more opinion? Can discussion only happen in the General Discussion sub-forum? This thread after all seems to have been made regarding unlocks in the first place. As to changing the unlock list itself, I don't see why taking a step towards the direction of allowing more weapons might be a bad thing. A good point to note is that it's the direction that the larger TF2 scenes of NA (ESEA) and more recently EU (ETF2L) have taken. While some may be against the idea of 'following blindly' and 'hopping on the bandwagon', most of us will agree that the NA and EU scenes are much more successful with less of the problem of a stagnant metagame. While unlocks might not be the only factor, or even a factor at all, there's little risk in opening this possibility to the Asian scene. We won't need to be revolutionary with the unlocks and allow ridiculous things like the G.R.U. , but following in the footsteps of the larger scenes that have already proven that these unlocks don't completely break the 6v6 game despite some of them apparently being far from balanced (Direct Hit, Axtinguisher/Degreaser/Flare Gun, Dead Ringer, Force-a-Nature, Black Box, among others) doesn't strike me as something to avoid. Granted, what will happen in the first couple of weeks will probably be chaos, much like giving a child a new shiny toy (there's already been a precedent in this scene showing that) in that puggers will not be able to resist trying out the new unlocks, potentially ruining the pug experience for some. However, once the novelty wears off and we learn to DEAL with these other weapons instead of dismissing them as gimmicks and ridiculously balanced products of power creep, (the non-default pyro being a main example) the integration of these weapons will improve general skill level on the whole as the necessity of adapting to the unlocks facilitates improvement of our players. (off the top of my head: airstrafing to avoid the direct hit) This will be alongside the opening of more options during more serious games such as scrims/matches where the possibility of including these weapons and accounting for their shortcomings can be taken as part of a pre-planned strategy. (Running the FaN full time on one scout and thinking of ways to lessen the problem of a small clip in exchange for finding means to put the knockback and mobility to your full advantage.) The viability of more weapons won't only serve to cure our own 'boredom', as suggested earlier this thread, but will make games themselves less 'boring' to viewers, as well as improve participation from more players (re: pubbers). After all, developing this scene is something we're all shooting for, right? The main problems I see with allowing more weapons are firstly that pugs will potentially be even more disastrous (cancer) than current standards. We've just had several threads regarding off-classing (let's not detour here) and many might see unlocks accentuating this problem. To be frank, I don't think the problem will be much worse, as other than the 'shiny new toy' period of time, we'll end up with the same people callously offclassing who will use unlocks outside of applicable situations, whatever their reasoning would be. If you're going to have a cancer pug anyway, might as well have a laugh at it with the unlocks, eh? I can't argue much against this point though, but, will avoiding this annoyance be worth the potential loss of much development of the scene? Aside from these unassuaged problems of annoyances, nata, being as busy as he is, will invariably bring up the problem of "So, who will handle it?", to which I honestly have no answer. --- So to recap, why not talk here, let's follow NA/EU being good, unlocks at first ruin us, then improve us, develop scene, much cancer pugs, already cancer pugs, such responsibility.
  13. Aspencc

    Apprehensive about getting into competitive

    We so bad. I think most people feel anxious about playing a pug the first time - take it from someone who can't aim. For me it took awhile too, and that was even after I kinda eased myself in with the highlander scene that was starting up here (we're even worse there). As for worrying about your standard of play, I don't think anyone really starts off amazing. Just enjoy the game and improve while I playing. What I like to do is just experiencing the game in all forms, from MGE to highlander to dodgeball to pubs to jumping. I think it helps in understanding the game better, and you can learn something from every gamemode, even (to a limited extent) saxtoner. Not playing MGE much might be why my DM sucks though. Point is, if you like 6s and this game in general, just play! Look forward to seeing your name around. Yes I'm promoting highlander.
  14. Aspencc

    cute cat avatar maker

    omg what is this
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    Hi I'm basically nonexistent in 6s