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  1. good thing to start the year with
  2. saltz is damn lucky dude. ;3
  3. "sat around and do nothing" was a mistake i said in a spur moment of anger and I publicly apologized, it was mean of me to say such things, if anything, he definitely helped in anyway he could but if he wanted to help boost our lan, he could have told me as well.
  4. you always got the swago clovis. and that's enough of arguing, if this opens any further, more drama would just come rolling over. Thank you guys and I apologized for this huge verbal expression of feelings.
  5. I actually thought there would be stream on twitch with our local casters for semis and grand, but it turns out that our casters are players themselves, so it was impossible for us on that side. we got casters to cast the other games, so at least people do understand what they are seeing, the finals were casted but it wasn't streamed, I guess by that time, we had no one and we were all very tired. It was hard to find onsite casters that could do that that were no players themselves and the idea that was thought was happing was actually having casters in the private room, that was why I wanted to get that room in the first place and cast from there but in the end, everyone was just outside and watching the games. they told us that they had their machines checked, it was mostly port issues for the headphones and stuff and because we had to launch tf2 in a certain way, sometimes people do it differently that result in things happening. for sponsors, we had our Marion who did all our PR work. liaising with the sponsors and such. trust me, if we could bring the foreign teams to Singapore, it would be very good for us. when I was planning out the LAN, I had asked one of my Korean friends about maybe coming down, the bigger issue is more about them getting visa and time, some are working and some are schooling. I really do wish it would be much more bigger scale on the next one.
  6. benny was best at this. then came cleric and cuteman ;3
  8. lol nice story I'm done with you. oh sorry, here's an edit, I asked you personally who is your partner so I could make get some knowledge so that I can help you in places you needed, but no. you shut me down and said that I have control issues. secondly, you proposed? YOU PROPOSED? you gotta be kidding me. please. I heard nothing from you, maybe because you REFUSE to talk to me about anything which was.. entirely YOUR problem. I had NO PROBLEM with you, in fact I was GLAD that you wanted to help with casting, but when I came to you and asked you, you shut me down. I want to know, because I have to know because so that I know what's going on with every side of the LAN. this LAN came about because we sat at KFC after soccer and you suddenly said "NATA, MAKE LAN, let erio organized." that alone can tell how much responsibility you just thrown to someone without even thinking twice, and I bloody ran a poll, THE FIRST poll about having a LAN. it was only me, there was no benny, no marion, no cameron.. no nothing, it was only me and nnnta on technical side. IMPOSSIBLE. plus the response from the community was so bad, we had to scrap the idea. then summer approached me again. SUMMER DID. did you? the one who had this BRILLIANT IDEA. instead SUMMER approached me about the LAN, and look at us now. you don't dare say "Maybe if the original setup for casting that I had proposed and requested was actually provided," DON'T FUCKING BULLSHIT ME, WHEN YOU YOURSELF DIDN'T EVEN WANNA SHARE YOUR SIDE because you think I had control issues. you had no fucking clue what I wanted to do so I could take the fucking load off you. You didn't even give me a chance to. Yes I said "I need to know" because I FUCKING NEED TO KNOW. I'm supposed to organized, HOW THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSE TO ORGANIZE WHEN WE HAVE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO SUPPOSE TO BE MATURE ENOUGH TO SET ASIDE DIFFERENCES TO WORK TOGETHER. so who the fuck is at fault. 2) Maybe if you had taken my proposals during the LAN on how to keep to the scheduled timings and minimize the delays the event would not have stretched to 3am instead of ending at 9pm. You would not have faced a shortage of casters if you were not so stubborn and resistant to intelligence. Most of the original people we had lined up to cast were too tired or had already gone home by the time the final matches were being played. Therefore kindly do not blame me for the lack of casters but take some responsibility. #Mindblown2 what did you say to me? nothing. 3) Maybe if you took to talking to people nicely instead of treating them like they are your servants, more people would be willing to help you. I did not and I never did. maybe to you I did, and I apologized, but to my part, after all the shit, you deserved nothing nicer from me. 4) Maybe if you had taken more of the time you spent worrying pre event about my casting team and directed it to organizing, the problems which led to the shortage of casters would never have surfaced. #Mindblownomgmakeitstop please, don't bullshit with me. who left the discussion group on whatssap? was it me? no. it was you. I was worry for the right reasons, because there were no news from you, I had to go thru rufus for the information. why I wanted information? because I wanted to know how many caster you have so that none of you wont die casting but did you care? DID YOU CARE TO LISTEN TO WHAT I WANTED TO SAY? no. nada. why? because again you proclaimed I had control issues. Erio: Puzzled go make the teams ready up they cant hear me they are wearing headphones. Puzzled: ok pass me the mike I will get them to ready up Erio: No go approach 24 players individually because I will not pass you the microphone Puzzled: Why dont you just pass me the microphone and I will have them all readied up in 2 seconds Erio: No I want you to do as I say because I am Erio and its my mike Puzzled: Ok whatever ( Walks Away ) (Erio screams into mike for 5 mins fruitlessly) (Teams take additional 10 mins just to ready up) #Mindblown #WAF I admit it was stupid of me to ask you. could have just let your brilliant hands hold it and got them ready in two. to you, I might be stupid, but I don't give a shit, but at least I tried to work with you. At least I put aside our differences to try and work together but you brushed me aside and shut me down with your so called "issues" and you dare say "you don't say hi to me anymore" in the morning? seriously? hi to you? you expected a 'hi' from me. I feel so honored.
  9. he screamed into my dream when i was napping at the back waiting for them to end their finals. it was scary. anyway, to just end the argument on my part, I apologize for having said that in mumble yesterday at a spur of a moment of feeling goddamn angry at him for some particular reason, but I would not take back what i said to him on this thread. I don't want to continue. I apologized to the players as well, it was bloody rude of me on that day for shouting, but it was really difficult for me to talk to everyone because I'm afraid people can't hear what I have to say and because I have to keep everything on schedule, I keep being afraid of time and afraid that my players don't get their time to get ready, .. warm up and such, but after a few hours, I just decided that, there's nothing I can do to keep it on time and just let them take their time. there is really no point of rushing if everything is not properly run. the photos are with me, I will make an album and post it up as soon as possible, I will also post on facebook, so please keep in touch, it will take a while, so bear with me.
  10. as some of the players or people who came down has told me, or hoped that we have 2 day event instead of one day. unfortunately because of funds, we couldn't make it a two day event, but I came to realized that it's not possible for players to set up for just 5 minutes, or even 15 minutes. they need at least 45 minutes to get ready and warm up and fix what they needed to fix and especially because we had limited computers, seats changing and configs changing, it was even harder for us to stay on time. I should have thought of this way before planning out the schedule for the event. I apologized to all the teams for the time constrain we had for this event. everything was in tight schedule. I apologized as well for all the technical issues and the things that I myself had overlook, for example, the hitreg issues.
  11. I said abandoning post excluding the time that he had to play his games, I didn't expect him to cast all games, but for all the things he said to me when we were preparing for this LAN, he brushed me off of all the information I need about his casters so that I could at least give them a break that they deserved. "I'm handling the onsite casting" he gave me such confidence that he could get all his casters without problems. I should not have to find myself finding casters on that day itself. and I applaud him and said "Thanks Puzz" at 3am in the morning, which was not hypocritical as he proclaimed and it was seriously sincere because who on earth would lie at that particular hour with no energy left, so please don't look over that. if I were unappreciative, I would go "fucking puzzled, you're shit, you deserved no thanks." but I didn't.
  12. when we were out of casters, were you the one running around finding them? you wanted to be in charge of onsite casting... do your job. I would prefer to talk to you personally, but since it's an open book here, I'm just gonna say it here. Thank you for 'helping'. I apologize for my means to be sarcastic but I realized I was wrong. it was not hypocritical thanks that I gave you at 3am in the morning, it was sincere and I thank you for the things that you helped out with but I won't take back my words about you abandoning it. If I hadn't find myself finding for casters half the time, maybe I should thank you more, but I had to. I'm glad I could keep you awake by stepping on your foot
  13. hahahah selective hearing I see you casted. what's next? if the community only consist of 7 people in mumble, yeah okay.. nice community. when we were out of casters, were you the one running around finding them? you wanted to be in charge of onsite casting... do your job, because I trusted that you would help me or whoever on that side, I was really disappointed I had to be the one worried about having no casters. I would prefer to talk to you personally, but since it's an open book here, I'm just gonna say it here. Thank you for coming in the morning and helping. I might say, you did pretty well in casting.
  14. I think the limelight really goes for those two teams. Team Homely Hobos and Team Sharkbait. They fought really hard, H2 were sitting on that bloody chair for hours. incoming two strong local teams!! jigglesaur beasting..
  15. hey guys, 3am. Thanks for playing-